Aminé - Limbo
Jan 10, 2021
Anime music? Mmmm, no thank you. Aminé's music, however? MmMm, yes please.

Aminé, currently 26 years old, is a rapper with great potential. He creates catchy hooks like a pop-rap artist, yet possesses the lyrical potential of a conscious rapper. Flashes of brilliance are shown in his previous works, with my personal favorites being Caroline and Sundays, yet, the problem separating him from greatness is the rest. Looking past the appealing singles, the rest is often a mixed bag. So, coming to this album, I was still skeptical, but I still hoped I could grab a couple of songs from it. Looking at over 200 scrobbles in my account, I think it’s safe to say, this was an absolute win.

This is a great improvement from his previous works, and yet I STILL feel like he can do much more. Everything here is a plus to his previous records. Catchy hooks? Tick. Great production quality? Mmhmm, tick. Clever lines? Eh, tick. Great features? Yep, tick. Great album? Cha-ching baby.

This album oozes quality, from top to bottom. Omitting a few tracks, the rest ticks all my needs for a great listening experience. Production is good for a pop-rap album, and some of the samples are GREAT. E.g., Burden’s sample of Darondo’s soulful Thank You God, Fetus’ sample of Midnight Sister’s So Young, although originally good tracks on their own, come alive through Limbo's moistening. Amine’s lyricism is at his best, with less mindless references and adding in more substantial content, with a lot of reflective verses, e.g. Fetus, Roots, a feature that isn’t really prominent in his previous albums.

Apart from the general sound, Aminé as an emcee sees a big jump, as he sounds way more confident on the mic, spitting verses with a steady flow. His often humorous lyrics help enhance his charisma, and with several cracking features such as JID, Vince Staples, Injury Reserve (RIP Groggs), this record is very entertaining to listen to.

Throughout the album, whether it’s about love, about his identity, his future, Aminé raises his questions and doubts, and yet an answer is not given. This album might feel unfinished, but the point is, this album is aimed to conclude without an answer. The album title, “Limbo”, is defined as “an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution”. Hence why there are no resulting acts, as Amine, along with a feature from Daniel Caesar, concludes the album with a hopeful and studious track My Reality.

Although this album is pretty good already, Aminé’s potential is still not fully fulfilled. Of course, this is not taking anything away from Limbo, as this 44-minute record is filled to the brim with quality tracks. Aminé may be labeled as a “one-hit wonder” with Caroline, but trust me, he’s much more than that. To conclude, I’m hoping nothing but the best from Aminé, and, most important of all, rest in power Kobe.

Favorite tracks: Burden, Woodlawn, Roots, Compensating, Fetus
Least favorite tracks: Riri

(This was written before the atrocious deluxe version, you can still sense my prime optimism)
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Jan 10, 2021
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Aminé - Limbo (Deluxe)
Dec 3, 2020
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