LOONA - 12:00
Oct 19, 2020 (updated Oct 19, 2020)
This Loona New Year has not been good. (Pun very intended pls laugh)

Loona while already making a name for itself, for better or for worse, is technically still a 2-year group, Their full debut was in 2018. It's easy to expect a lot more from them due to their solo or sub-unit activities, but they're currently, still, a group trying to find their sound.

Wow I really wanted to enjoy this EP a lot more. I really liked some of their older sub-unit stuff, and till this day I am still begging Spotify to make the [ + + ] EP available to my region. [#] was disappointing, as I think this stylistic detour sounds like a degrade. So safe to say, I really hoped [12:00] would stray away from the latest sound, and experiment other sounds, or even stick back to their previous sound that had worked so well. From the album cover, it seemed like they were having a whole new take on their music.

Welp. Pain.

Why Not? acts as the title track, yet it feels like a b-side. And it OOZES SOOOO MUCH OF THE SOUND OF ITZY. It even had those "di dum di dum" sound effects! It isn't necessarily bad, but I would definitely prefer all ITZY title tracks than this one.

This ain't it man. The songs certainly are serviceable, but all of this just sounds... Blending with the rest of the peers. Loona's solo and sub-unit music releases definitely had their own sound, Hi High and Favorite were unique as fuck, but this sounds bland. Voice is definitely the highlight here, though nothing new, the disco-influenced sound bops hard. But after that, I don't see myself coming back to any of the songs. Maybe Fall Again.

This is more or less hindered by the same problems of [#]. Venturing into a sound that is heavily competitive in their field, and falls flat, which causes one to reminisice their previous brilliant run of music that was more enjoyable and innovative. Though, I still am optimistic, that this is just a pitstop of Loona's experimentation, hoping if they do move on to a new style, it would be an improvement.

Favorite tracks: Voice, Fall Again
Least favorite tracks: Universe, OOPS!
Oct 20, 2020
Agreed, great review as always
Oct 20, 2020
@Matt Thank you, yours was great too
Oct 24, 2020
which other of these loona EPs would you suggest for me too listen too? i kinda like this ep ngl
Oct 24, 2020
@ParthanyJobtano I'd say go for [+ +] EP released in 2018 and also Loona & Odd Eye Circle's Mix & Match. Those are the go-to for Loona.
Oct 24, 2020
aight thanks man.
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