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Jan 27, 2021 (updated Jan 27, 2021)
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

IU, is one of my favorite musicians ever. God damn it, my profile picture is literally her. So, that being said, only my opinion matter here (just kidding). I never thought I would dislike an IU song, but oh well, I also never thought a virus could spread across the globe causing worldwide economic downturn and mass casualties, so I guess I can't really trust my senses.

This song is not the conventional kind of bad, e.g. the kind that just makes you laugh hysterically and enrages you, a usual advocate of world peace to convert into a big bully, but this is the generic and pointless kind of bad, e.g. the kind that just makes you want to swallow your eyeballs and eat your toenails as the icing of a cake made with broccoli with the utmost frustration. It's generic pop blending with tropical house, and not saying that such a style couldn't work, just that this song fails with the most unsatisfying fashion.

The song structure is mega horrible, as the beat sounds like a poor combination of Lauv & mood by 24kgoldn wannabes (and both of them aren't that good to start off with), followed by a chorus then FOR WHATEVER REASON an obnoxious beat drop to conclude a messy and apathetic structure. The bridge is underwhelming, well, not that underwhelming considering you have to be satisfied at first in order to be underwhelmed, as the song fades into the worst of mediocrity with another beat drop as the conclusion.

From the obnoxious beat drop to the misplaced marching drums, everything here just sounds bad, except IU's voice. IU is one of my favorite vocalists, if not my favorite, and she manages to shine even in the worst instrumentation and situations possible, which just speaks volumes to her ability. That is the only positive element I can manage to burp out.

You know what pains me the most? The fact that I should've seen it coming. In a quiet year that was 2020, she only released a single "eight", and although it isn't bad, it isn't great either. The problem with the song for me was not her voice or SUGA's feature, but the musical direction she was taking. It was clear that this song was to appeal to the mainstream as the biggest intention, one that was never IU's style. She was the reason her music went mainstream, not her music. Her voice was. No matter what style she took, whether it was pop, ballad, R&B, soft rock, even folk, she managed to dominate the charts, because she was THE IU. She never had to follow trends, she's been top of the charts for 11 years for Christ's sake. The teaser for the song dropped, and I did not like it one bit. But, for whatever reason, I still held out hope, hope that this song would be a surprise and I would be proven wrong. Because she was IU. But now, after the song's release, after listening to it at least 10 times to make fucking clear of my mind, I can officially say, this is the worst song IU has ever put out. Lazy songwriting, completely inferior to her previous works, and most of all, following a well-behind trend, a decision she had never made to achieve success. Tropical house was hit in 2017, not damn 2021. Is this a sign to be worried? I fucking hope not. But as of right now, how disappointed I am, you might ask? To quote Sir Savage the 21st, "a lot."

PS: I might've been too harsh, but really, as a longtime fan of hers, this song just unnerves me greatly, hence why, a rant-like review.
Jan 27, 2021
eli is disappointed 😔
Jan 27, 2021
good review though
Jan 27, 2021
@Rater might just change my username just because of that :persevere:
Jan 27, 2021
Jan 27, 2021
eliiscool6 what the fuck dude you are an imposotr so sus
Jan 27, 2021
damn you really hated this LMAO ion even wanna listen to it
Jan 27, 2021
@joan_ idk lmao you should definitely see for yourself though
Jan 27, 2021
suffering from success
Jan 28, 2021
@tokq dj khad
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