Kanye West - The College Dropout
Sep 13, 2020
I've recently legally changed my name to Hip-Hop Instagram Page. No reason, just felt like it. So, to celebrate this life-changing event, I've decided to do a discography dive of Kanye West.

Wake Up Mr. West #1: The College Dropout

I am 100% sure every user on this website knows who Kanye West is, so I'll get straight to the point. I actually haven't listened much of Kanye's music. *insert gasps* I've listened to a couple songs of his here and there, but there has just been a mental barrier blocking me from listening to Kanye's albums, and I have no logical explanation to that. So, why not start off by listening to his first studio album, The College Dropout?

As a debut studio album, this is as good as it gets. Obviously the production takes a bit of a hit due to the test of time, but still, I have to credit Kanye's production skills. I can be completely wrong, but I feel like Kanye popularized the emphasis of sampling. Of course, there are tons of artists before Kanye that used sampling, but in those Youtube videos that shows the different samples musicians use, Kanye West is often the first name commenters spit out when praising the samples and the production skills. And the praises are for obvious reasons. The samples Kanye use are very soulful and bright, taking heavy influence from gospel and r&b sounds. Kanye's lyricism is pretty good. His bars are clever, he got some humor which can also be shown in the skits. As only a producer before, Kanye steps up hugely to prove himself to be a worthy card in the Hip-Hop game. This album gives hope, e.g. "You don't need to have a college education to be successful", which just adds to the soulful feel of the album.

Even though it was released 16 years ago, it still sounds very fresh. Part of me thinks that it's due to Kanye's production, but maybe it's just because I like happy songs. Besides, We Don't Care, All Falls Down, Jesus Walks, Through The Wire, these are all classics. There are a couple songs that I didn't like as much, but overall, it's very cohesive and consistent throughout the 76-minute-long tracklist. I understand why this album has its legendary status.

And oh my God I originally didn't understand why people compare Tyler, the Creator to Kanye West, but then the first few seconds of We Don't Care explained it perfectly to me. So yeah, cool story I got there.

Favorite songs: We Don't Care, All Falls Down, I'll Fly Away, Spaceship, Jesus Walks, Never Let Me Down, The New Workout Plan, Slow Jamz, School Spirit, Through The Wire, Family Business, Last Call
Least favorite songs: Breathe In Breathe Out
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6d ago
solid brother, check my tier list for kanye out!
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