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I woke up at around 9am today, with the pleasant sun beaming through my window curtains. I stretched my arms, took a big yawn, with great hopes of a productive and fruitful day. Fast forward to 9pm, I'm sitting on my desk, throwing yet another tissue to the almost-full rubbish bin at the edge of my bedroom. I took another big yawn, as I started writing a review of Jake Paul's It's Everyday Bro.

Jakey Pauley. Now, music is not his most comfortable territory, but it is still ridiculous to be ... read more
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You know, the fact that Kanye released this album that was so personal and braggadocious, and yet people still adore it, shows just how quality this album is.

Wake Up Mr. West #5: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Imagine being hated by the whole world after you've drunkenly humiliated a then-beloved country-pop star in VMAs, one of the biggest music award shows, then releasing a whole album about your "dark twisted fantasy". It takes balls to do so, and thankfully, Kanye has ... read more
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Time to cross out one of my prediction of 2020 "Anderson Paak won't release a song I don't like". Anways, back to my karaoke:

Soulja Boy tell 'em
Ayy, I got this new dance for y'all called the Soulja Boy
You just gotta punch, then crank back three times from left to right

Soulja Boy off in this ho
Watch me crank it, watch me roll
Watch me crank dat Soulja Boy
Then Superman that ho
Now watch me yuuuuuuu (Crank dat Soulja Boy)
Now watch me yuuuuuuu (Crank dat Soulja Boy)
Now ... read more
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I love my wife (On God!)
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"Man, the past 3 Kanye albums have been so fun! I can't wait to see what Kanye brings in his next album!"

Wake Up Mr. West #4: 808s & Heartbreak

It's really near impossible that Kanye has the capability to work on a full-length album while suffering such devastating losses. After the tragic loss of his mother and the breakup with his then-fiance, his life has hit rock bottom. It almost felt like making an album was the only thing that can act as a coping mechanism for him.

At ... read more
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I dislike this album more and more every listen. But, I can't help but come back to it.

In an economic perspective, having a 16-track album, splitting it into 3 EPs then releasing them separately in the course of 6 months, money can flow in 3 times more. That's great business, since K-Pop stans are going to eat that shit up no matter what.
In a musical perspective, fitting in this many filler tracks, that's artistic suicide.

Red Velvet has been one of K-Pop's most fascinating and successful ... read more
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"Hot take: Graduation the worst out of the Kanye Trilogy", gimme likes

Wake Up Mr. West #3: Graduation

As the famous story of Graduation beating out 50 Cent's Curtis' first week album sales by quite a mile, and argubably dethroning gangsta rap as the "main rap", which has been the dominant subgenre of Hip-Hop ever since rap became mainstream. So, even aside from the music itself, this album holds a very significant place in rap culture.

While I do not like this album as ... read more
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I'm listening to this classic for the first time after 15 years of its release, call it a Late Registration. *insert laugh track*

Wake Up Mr. West #2: Late Registration

As The College Dropout blasted Kanye West into the Hip-Hop landscape, Late Registration cemented Kanye into a well-respected individual among peers and audiences.

Uncharted. One of the best game series of all time. While Uncharted 1 was fantastic, Uncharted 2 took the series to a whole new level. What makes this game ... read more
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I've recently legally changed my name to Hip-Hop Instagram Page. No reason, just felt like it. So, to celebrate this life-changing event, I've decided to do a discography dive of Kanye West.

Wake Up Mr. West #1: The College Dropout

I am 100% sure every user on this website knows who Kanye West is, so I'll get straight to the point. I actually haven't listened much of Kanye's music. *insert gasps* I've listened to a couple songs of his here and there, but there has just been a mental barrier ... read more
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I made it to track 9, how bout y'all?
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Babe wake up Still Woozy just dropped a new track
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Despite growing up and living in Hong Kong, I actually don't know much about Cantopop. However, as my parents always talk about him, I do know who Leslie Cheung is, and when @wei recommended this album to me, I've decided to give this album a listen.

So, yeah this album is awesome! It feels very nice to hear something funky while listening to my mother tongue, so I'm definitely very biased towards this album. But besides that, this album is very versatile as well, including club bangers like ... read more
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This song is out of this world. (Get it because he's Bruno Mars haha)

I fucking love this song. It's jam-packed with fun. No matter how many times I've heard this, every time sounds like the first listen. It's so fresh due to its flawless funk. The funk shall be within you!
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Just like all circles, Mac Miller's posthumous album ends on a perfect note.

God, I listened to this album so many times. I feel like I listen to Circles like other people listen to Blonde by Frank Ocean. When I listen to this album, it feels like a healing session. I've always had a problem with panicking and stress, but listening to this album helps me calm down and focus.

"Nothing I can change, nothing I can change"

It's a mutual coping. Mac sounds peaceful yet his lyrics are ... read more
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If my neighbor's pets sounded like this and instead of high-pitched MC Ride Scream Compilation No. 2 every day, my life would be infinitely better.
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Gosh, Anderson Paak is just so cool. I think I'm slowly developing a man crush over him.

I don't know man, but there is just a certain charm to his style of music, that keeps pulling me back in and loop the album again and again. He can sing, he can rap, he can play drums very well, but most importantly, he is really charismatic. He sounds laid back and tender at most times, which is sexy as hell. If it was just another R&B or Hip-Hop artist over these beats, I would think that this album ... read more
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Today is The Big Day. Today is the day I face my fears and listen to The Big Day.

Chance the Rapper. One of the most polarizing rappers in recent years. Ever since his breakout mixtape Acid Rap, he has climbed up the Hip-Hop ladder only a few can marvel. His style of music was different, and it was fun. I got into his music only recently when listening to Acid Rap, and some of the songs in the album has become some of my favorites. Cocoa Butter Kisses is a certified hood classic, Favorite Song ... read more
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It is common to nut accidentally when listening to Bandana's instrumentals and IT IS TOTALLY OKAY
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I mean, this is an upgrade from writing lines like "She doing tricks with her pussy, I guess she’s a vagician", but this album really ain't worth 70 minutes of anyone's time. The spoken word tracks with Dave Chappelle, Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder were quite nice though.
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If IGN reviewed this album: "Saba's storytelling skills make you FEEL like Saba"

But yeah, this album is fantastic. It is an album of coping, loneliness, and guilt. With his previous release "Bucket List Project", I thought it was decent, but Care For Me elevated Saba to a whole level, from album structuring, lyrical ability, literally everything. BUSY/SIRENS is a perfect opener, sets the stage for listeners to experience what Saba feels. It's like a therapy session for ... read more
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