Feb 10, 2024 (updated Feb 10, 2024)
I'm ngl I have no idea what to say about this. It's such a strange project, and I'm simultaneously shocked by how cohesive and well put together this turned out after thinking this was going to have the same fate as, well fuck take your pick of all the albums ye has announced and never dropped. But also, what the fuck is this??

Production is honestly really good mostly, love how bouncy and groovy it is for the most part and it's some of the most lively sounding music ye's made since 'Believe What I Say', ye is mostly pretty mediocre throughout on his contributions vocally, couple good lines and a few......awful ones (the title track still sucks) ty sounds really good mostly, the features are all cool as well, and bring quite a bit to the project.

Like I said, I'm quite confused but also impressed this isn't a disaster. I'm coming out of it with more praise than I ever expected from the disastrous rollout, but ye's erratic nature does hold back some of the songs here, and I feel the ideas and potential this shows could've been taken further at points, and some songs which are for the most part really good do get ruined by some questionable creative decisions. But I gotta give ty and ye credit, this is the most cohesive and consistent project ye has dropped since, idk the wyoming tapes? (I love dona but it is a bloated mess)

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