AOTY 2023
Ed Sheeran - Autumn Variations
With this and - both being pleasant surprises, I'm hoping ed is taking shape and maturing his songwriting, as for the best part of a decade, it seemed as if he lost not only the personal, humble warmth in his music that made + so likable, but also the sungalong hit making machines of × and ÷. While he's definitely not making the same earworms he used to now, that warmth and personal writing seems to be returning, as on both his 2023 albums he's shed the veneer, cut the bullshit, ... read more
Danny Brown - Quaranta
Danny brown dropping TWO rap aoty contenders in one year isn't fair, like come on dude leave something for the rest of us
The Strokes - Angles
Edit: 49 -> 75

I was so harsh on this album for absolutely no reason

Mario Judah - I'm Tryna Send Him To Hell
Sleaford Mods - UK GRIM
this sounds like that joke arctic monkey's song that goes around sometimes, shame they can't make a good sounding song because unlike their last album I actually think their writing on this album is really funny and well done
JME - Integrity>
production on this is crazy, some of it drags a bit but wow JME deserves all the respect he gets in the UK hip hop scene, can't believe how good his lyrics and flow is, he's a hell of a lot more than just a good beat selector, might be my favourite grime album I've heard
McFly - Power to Play
Came across really well live, listening to it outside of that context was really lacking
Ana Frango Elétrico - Me Chama de Gato Que Eu Sou Sua
Could easily become a favourite of the year for me with more time to sit with it, so classy, effortlessly groovy and fun!
Kurt Vile - Wakin on a Pretty Daze
no fuckin way this guy is part of the war on drugs?

minus that minor mindblowing fact this is an absolutely fantastic album, mixing some of that southern, slightly country twinged rock with psych elements is a match made in heaven

ScHoolboy Q - Blank Face LP
79 -> 89

Always rly liked this album but man it *really* clicked today for some reason. The runtime can definitely be felt at certain moments, but this is so dark, so well written and so unbelievably creative that I can’t help but love what’s happening here, even if it isn’t perfect by any means.

Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale
(Forgot to rate when it came out)

Can't say that the deluxe songs make the album that much better but they are really great, so it gets a little bump up

Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
Goddamn, the improvement from X to this is insane. This is wild, chaotic and abrasive in all the best ways. The production is so much more diverse and creative than it’s ever been on a Ken project, and his rapping is SO much better, it doesn’t just sound like he’s freestyling and bullshitting his way through each track anymore, with him actually having some good bars, sticky flows and good hooks throughout this project!!

It isn’t perfect, as this is still bloated, ... read more

Paramore - Re: This Is Why
Very fire. Nearly every remix either does the original song justice, or gives them entirely new life in a sound you’d never expect for those original songs. Standouts are definitely the Zane Lowe, Domi & JD Beck and Remi Wolf remixes.
Drake - For All The Dogs
Surprised that this is the drake album of recent that’s been the one everyone agrees is mid, cos like yeh it is but low-key it’s his best solo album in a good few years, the first 7 track run is kinda fire 💀
Roger Waters - The Dark Side of the Moon Redux
This is so wack I’m gonna go listen to Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall out of spite
Slauson Malone 1 - EXCELSIOR
Like every Slauson project, I need this to simmer and stick with me before I truly grasp it in full, but wow. Once again I’m blown away with how abstract and creative his production and song structuring is. The amazing writing and timbre shown on crater speak also carries over on here too, making for a truly beautiful experience, which like everything he touches, is hard to comprehend.
Dorian Electra - Fanfare
Once again, some great, forward thinking production choices get squandered by Dorian’s increasingly irritating incel gimmick, which I found was already wearing thin on My Agenda (which I loved at first, but grew off of me increasingly more as the years went on).

This album is not without some amazing and fun tracks, like ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’ and ‘Idolize’, but I find that the elements of Dorian’s music that’s been holding me back from falling back ... read more

Sematary has kind of been falling off hard since RB3 and Hundred Acre Wrist, that was a creative peak that I’m getting increasingly worried he won’t be able to even match, let alone top. For something so abrasive and experimental I’m surprised how boring it is.
Madison Beer - Home To Another One
Amazing song, been hearing this a lot on the radio and it’s SUCH a banger
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V
Heard this when it came out but finally decided to relisten. This is honestly great until ‘Mona Lisa’ which could be Wayne’s best song ever, and then after that it drops massively into inconsistency. Still some good songs, but there are a LOT of duds. Cut 8 of the tracks (mostly from the 2nd half) and you have Wayne’s best without question.
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