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'bout to take a 2.71828g-xanny after witnessing the madness of reoccuring post traumatic stress disorder in my headspace, created by the sudden emergence of an allegory for it associated with immediate alert (shame on you and your occupation, Euler)...

Being mentally numb really ain't a favourite of mine within the array of states you can be in; like a grey, viscous mass which I just want to drain out of my ears...

Ecco2K's first official release encapsulates that misery from the outside; ... read more
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Went to my familiar restaurant, didn't get the kraut; disappointed...
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Step I: Read my review discussing the predecessor...

Step II: Suspension of disbelief; put yourself in a position where the musical aspects of the predecessor are actual positive qualities...

Step III: In this new case, think of these "positive qualities" as being completely removed or at least heavily diluted...

Step: IV: Realizing that you exaggerated like me for the description of Preoccupation's self titled...yet here, it also seems to be rather telling...

Result: You got this ... read more
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As a fairly new listener of Preoccupations and Women, my opinion on the former's self titled (which I already had after hearing it once to be dead honest) made me ask myself if I enjoy earlier material of these bands for the same reasons as other enthusiasts do...

While Viet Cong recontextualized the stylistic merits which made Women's music intriguing; leading them in a direction where restrained and unconventional atmospheres developed into density, eeriness, paranoia and the sheer stressed ... read more
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Granted, there is quite a memorable aesthetic on display here, yet the severe lack of any tonal subtlety lets Candy Claws fail to sell their art to me in a convincing fashion...

Ceres just reminds you over and over again that it wants to aim for a raw and lo-fi, but also dreamy and sweet experience, but it just ends up being a musical equivalent of the overbearing midday sun within summer months; slowly burning layers of your skin while warping your senses to the level of mildly frightening ... read more
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This is just the bastardisation of trends and styles, which weren't cool at any time, to a point where the liking stems from pure irony towards the obnoxiously irritating experience...
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A bit late, but I promised myself to actually say something about this song...

So "A Character of Misguided Ambition" wears it's influences on it's sleeves; no doubt on that, but I honestly don't consider it to be a bad thing since the song is solidly crafted (overlooking the obvious restrictions you might have, when it comes to the recording process, on purpose...it doesn't hurt the song anyways)...nowadays, I can appreciate a lot of Memphis-type hip hop to the point where I ... read more
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I mean at the time they could've never done wrong, but it's definitely Pixies' most overrated album, hands down...
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(So we got the first time where I hate the feeling that forces me to put my opinion into a short, written review...I should probably release it before there is the rising potential of more people beginning to follow my actions on AOTY...)

Don't look at me, this review and ESPECIALLY THE SCORE like I just put the most ridiculous statement out there; even my humble self can't fully comprehend the results of my relistening experience...I won't try to put effort in a decently long introduction ... read more
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Edit: Tbh, it's a 10...

(Looking at this in five minutes-retrospect; this should serve as an attempt of climbing up Pitchfork's ladder of pretentious writing staff...as well as a reminder that coffee makes me unfocused and janky af...)

It's interesting to look at reviews of people seemingly struggling to get into this album; could even imply that it results somewhat in an image displaying the nature of expectations within the latest generation of today's music enthusiasts...

While being a ... read more
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(I recommend skipping some paragraphs if you want to get to the point; I felt like I needed some kind of introduction lol...probably something I'll regret)

...so I always thought about reconsidering reviews if there was an opportunity to write; it's kinda about satisfying my ego...not really admirable and rather exhausting then efficient if you're out of practice, but nothing new for me; I try to lose weight (currently having a high number of cognitive dissonance attached to me)...

The fact ... read more
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On AZIZ's review of Run the Jewels - RTJ4
"Can't pretend that I never was on the RTJ-wave, but I find it quite interesting that the number of people being disillusioned with the hype suurounding them is still comparably low... Agree completely with the sentiment nowadays; they do their thing, but can't say their allure and "oomph" stayed while aging more and more..."
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"Character progression!..."
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"Didn't think about the problem of Joyner Lucas for a long time, yet I can say that this take kinda helped me getting a grip on what bothered me about his art (there's more to criticize tho)... Idk why I always had difficulties to see this; seems somewhat obvious... "
On JoaoSantos's review of The Weeknd - After Hours
"Kinda true...maybe a bit too simplified, but true..."
On ThrowBackGmac's review of Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
"(This is why I should read more reviews ig...) Anyways...still haven't listened since any descriptor makes it seem like this album wouldn't stick with me...probably should put it on my list tho..."
On AZIZ's review of The Weeknd - Kiss Land
"Whole album feels like one big slog without any bones his Trilogy (minus Thursday; that tape isn't great either) contained from what I can remember... ...since you felt like you don't understand people's gripes with it; that's my take on it...."
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"Boohhh...you ain't a milf god for this... (...and Hitagi still ain't the best girl; Preemo was here...)"

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