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青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba] - 0
You know the album is incredible when my mom asked to continue playing the music for her to relax and fall asleep in the middle of a ravaging typhoon with no electricity and internet.
Typically I'm not too fond of minimalistic things, especially in arts. However, this album proved that you can ultimately deliver greatness even with minimal instrumentation, with the vocals always accompanied by a guitar and not much else, further illustrated by the album cover completely shaded in pink. I ... read more
Melanie Martinez - PORTALS
TW: sexual assault, rape

Welp, the release of this album truly brought out the worst in this site, didn't it?

Seriously though, before delving into the music itself, I've seen various comments here that defend Melanie's actions, saying that the alleged victim did not say no and it was 'consensual.' I want to remind all of you that being pressured to have sex, even without saying anything, is still considered rape. Without going into many details for the peace and privacy of those involved, I ... read more

Candy Claws - In the Dream of the Sea Life
The map of Luzon, an island group in the Philippines, on the album cover compelled me to review this project.

This album can be classified as dreamy and peaceful music with traces of shoegaze. I'm glad I grew to like the genre, mostly with the help of listening to My Bloody Valentine's "loveless" over time, because I eventually got to appreciate certain albums such as this one. Even though I haven't gone to the beach for a long time now, it genuinely brought back memories of walking ... read more

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You
UPDATE: After listening to this album at least ten more times as well and disregarding my nostalgic experiences with "Pang," I can confidently say that this is better than "Pang." All the other songs, especially 'Butterfly Net,' grew on me significantly. Also, just like in "Pang," it's cool that I still encounter several musical motifs subtly placed and intertwined in various songs.

Caroline's albums are truly the definition of growers.
For ... read more

a-ha - Hunting High and Low
In my opinion, this album suffers (or enjoys, whatever it is) the same fate as Mariya Takeuchi's "Variety" album, where one song ('Take On Me' and 'Plastic Love') is simply too amazing that it overpowers all the other songs. Nonetheless, both of these albums are undoubtedly the epitome of 80's catchy pop and evoke the times and feelings of when everything was better.

P.S. After watching a particular movie that used 'Take On Me' in one of its scenes, listening to that song and this ... read more


They truly are phenomenal parts of her discography! I’m glad that you like them as much as I do!

My favorite Pop duo rn, no competition, has to be Mag Bay
‘One Last Time’ is one of my favorite music videos of all time, and the song always gets me, especially after Manchester. It’s so raw… absolutely breathtaking.

Lol… my mom is afraid of clowns. Fears of wacky things are so interesting.

Have you listened to Mag Bay? They seem right up your alley?
The music video for NTLTC was gorgeous, the one for ‘breathin’ was all too relatable, and then ‘One Last Time’ is absolutely gut wrenching for me to watch. GWS holds so much space in my heart, especially for the time of silence at the end of the album. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! ‘needy’ my favorite Ariana song; it hit me like a truck and a half on my first listen.

I’m really excited for it now! I hope you didn’t just get my hopes up and they don’t release it 😂
No problem!

GET OUT! I was the exact same way; NTLTC was a MAJOR grower for me, whilst GWS and ‘breathin’ clicked almost immediately for me. They felt so freeing and really encompassed me in this sonic blanket and they held me close.

FLO has an album coming out this year? I’m so excited for that because vocally, they made me very happy last year, even if it wasn’t all that impressive overall.
Thanks… I hope it’s not as bad as you’re anticipating and that you can manage the workload well!

Yeah, there are definitely some misses on ‘sweetener’ but I think it all comes together really cohesively into a wonderful Pop project!

Nice! I hope it stays like that for you! I still don’t know how I’m going to rate it, but I should be coming up with it soon!

We can hope! I’m so excited that there’s the possibility and if they don’t, then oh well I guess 😂
It’s going very poorly rn… how about you?

You like her odd numbered albums more than even? I mean, makes sense, except I feel like ‘sweetener’ is what debunks that for me. Nevertheless, it was truly an AMAZING single and it really has me excited for AG7 from a critical standpoint. I know there was a very slim chance I wouldn’t like AG7 anyway, but knowing it will be very well produced if she keeps this up gives me a ton of excitement!

Kali Uchis album was on and off for me personally. However ‘Igual de un Ángel’ is absolutely gorgeous and may be my favorite song off the album!

As far as anticipations: Little Simz, Lorde, Lianne La Havas, Sky Ferreira, Phoebe Bridgers, Grimes, Kacey Musgraves, FKA twigs, and I’m personally predicting a Chloe X Halle album in 2024-2025. How about you?
Just added the Aoi Teshima song just for you ;)
After weeks of inactivity and silence, the list is finally done:
Also, here's a complimentary and celebratory review detailing my pick:
Merry Christmas to you as well dude!
May your Holidays be filled with Rest and Peace!
Hello there, aPathetic! Wanna partake in my new community list?
The topic this time will be a bit seasonal: coziest albums/songs! Imagine the perfect music for snuggling in the fluffiest blankie, sipping on some hot choccy milk while admiring the chill snowfall from the window outside.
Thanks in advance
Yay! The Tate love is real!
‘plastic palm trees’ has to be my favorite, but there are some bops on here for sure. It kinda let me down a bit, but I just want to blame Tedder and RCA 😂

I hope you do well with your academics dude!


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