The Chemical Brothers - For That Beautiful Feeling
Sep 8, 2023
The chemical brothers have done it again! An album chock-full of high-impact house combined with fresh new psychedelic elements.

I've been a casual fan of these guys, having heard 'Surrender' and 'Born In the Echoes' before this and I enjoyed both of them on first listen. So I when I saw this new album drop, I was interested to see how they would sound like in 2023.

The result? They sound exactly the same: in the best way possible. The kind of repetitive house bangers that remind me of stuff from 'Surrender' are present on here with full force. But for me what separates this from Surrender is how varied each song is from each other. Sure, most tracks are underpinned by a strong house beat, but everything else feels extremely fresh and unique to each song: that noisy synth on 'Goodbye' that bell? melody on 'Fountains', the little sounds and shifts in 'Live Again'. This for me keeps the album interesting and engaging the whole way through. I also enjoy the psychedelic feel this album gives off, see tracks like 'Feels like I'm dreaming' and the previously mentioned 'Goodbye', really makes you feel like you're in this different world where you're achieving bliss while dancing your head off in the club or something like that.

Overall, a very catchy, memorable album front to back. Haven't listened to 'Dig Your Own Hole' yet, but this is definitely my favorite albums from theirs by a long shot.

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Oh boy. Dig Your Own Hole is going to blow your mind, man
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