Nov 30, 2018
As usual, Lambkin immediately takes the listener out of his comfort zone, making it very clear that this new (huge) digital compilation requires active compromise in order to appreciate what he's offering. That he is one of the greatest figures acting in field recording and sound collage for some time now is pretty well known, but as was the case with some of his best acknowledged solo releases up to date, the inevitable contrast between the mundane used as the core of his oeuvre and the ... read more
Nov 21, 2018
An early live recording on tape that, by means of an extremely raw and low quality process, turns second-era King Crimson's sound into a rough mess of distortion and noise. As interesting as the premise is (and it does bring some fine results already on the aggressive opening version of "21st Century Schizoid Man"), it is difficult not to notice that much of the actual sound produced by the band at the time of the recording is lost. It certainly benefits from the lo-fi edge on the ... read more
Oct 15, 2018
If you're a conspiracy-theory/occultism fan, this record is a must: 40min+ of some of the strangest, most obtuse sounds one could ever hear in a music album, all courtesy of a highly unlikely duo out of a psychiatric institution in Sidney, during the late 70s. Make no mistake, all the WWII references, the horror depicted on the album cover and the frightening atmosphere of the register dissolve and resignify one of humankind's most gruesome episodes, bringing to mind a Pynchonesque delusion ... read more
Sep 13, 2018
A revisionist work that is far more than a compendium of impressions of traditional flamenco and tango past-time greats, but a true erudite, near encyclopedian amalgamation of sounds, timbres, compositional methods and styles, poetry, storytelling, political-statements, irony, post-irony, truth and dare. Definitely a bold and well-round project that lives up to its pompous presentation. The most impressive release of the year, musically speaking.

Honestly, I'd like to write in length about all ... read more
Sep 11, 2018
A long unearthed recording of two long droney pieces instantly becomes an essential document harking from the revival era of the rudra veena as a solo instrument. Over 70min in length, this new release captures raw, transcending and lingering notes and ambience from one of the most revered "ustads" of his generation. A gem.
Aug 29, 2018
Undeniably classic in the pagan black-metal canon, but it'd be unfair to judge anyone for not being in the mood for 45 minutes of unstoppable blast beats and meandering goblin-like blabber about being a heathen and killing christians and walking out in the snow - all enveloped with countless buzzing guitar chords with indistinct DIY-muddy production, of course.
Aug 29, 2018
Ariana's vocals still impress as she matures and enhances her already famed performance levels, capturing a necessary evolutive and empowering career step after the surprisingly lovely Dangerous Woman, though Sweetener sticks to a subtler and somewhat minimalistic instrumental setting that does very little to back Grande's qualities - at least until "Everytime" picks up. Fortunately, the second half is substantially more diverse and well-produced, offering a handful of fun-haulering ... read more
Jun 18, 2018
A brief collage of themes and unfinished motifs ranging and exploring a plethora of different hip-hop/RnB flavours with unexpected skill. The sketchy quality of the project may be a turnoff for some, but at the same time it works as Tierra Whack's first testament to her own talent and ear for sound and poetry, with little devotion for pre-definite form-and-content rules. It is difficult to pinpoint the short album runtime as a definite winning formula of late (and whether this will remain ... read more
Jun 14, 2018
As someone who's been struggling with mental issues myself, writing about Kanye West's latest, surprisingly short studio album is both a challenge and an enticing grasp for hope. That is not to say that ye (a highly suitable title for such a down-to-earth and intimate release) truly offers any sort of tangible solace or answer for whatever problems anyone might be facing on a daily basis; nor is ye West's most accomplished or eloquent work up to date. Much like 2016's TLOP, what we have at hand ... read more
May 2, 2018
Haunting, mystical and deeply evocative in its whispers and wails of gothic origin. The teachings from M. Gira and co. are stark clear on Anna von Hausswolff's new album, and they bring along a new peak of oblivious artistry that makes all her previous works sound like bland, misguided walks in the park.
May 2, 2018
It is nice to see Liz Harris stripping her sound a bit from the endlessly reverberating hallways that always permeated most of Grouper's previous releases. Since her last, Ruins, the ambience, the perception of the surroundings has started to sink in to her sound without losing that dreamy quality so essential to her artistic identity, and, as impressive as the abstract soundscapes on records like A I A and The Man Who Died in a Boat were, it is this more palpable and perhaps even ... read more
Apr 30, 2018
As aged as most of these compositions are, the joined efforts of both the band (with Neurosis' drummer Jason Roeder on board) and the producers at Jack White's Third Man Records manage to bring out the absolute best in Sleep's seasoned trajectory. With a few due exceptions, what we get here is an undeniable stoner-metal masterclass, a trippy, never-ending conceptual voyage to the utmost limits of human consciousness, tinged with the spiritual guidance of Al Cisneros' ever hypnotic vocal ... read more
Apr 26, 2018
A wild, husky voice howls in the night, at first calm and subduedly, and as darkness envelops us with its tight grips more and more, there is fury and contempt and madness, for none controls the absence of light that haunts us at the darkest hour. This might be a short and sketchy collection of vocal-led free-jazz impressions, but they're at once tight and everlasting - a masterclass in deconstructioned expression.
Apr 16, 2018
Great many garden allusions permeate newcomer singer/songwriter Haley Heynderickxs' new release, and for her many qualities (if one could be highlighted, it'd definitely be her ease with wordplay, the dry, but loose, creative sense of humour and that provocative tinge most of her lines tend to convey), a wider audience waits eager for the curtains to open, revealing the charming persona and an even more polished voice, capable of easy-going folk-balladry deliver, but also harsher rock ... read more
Apr 16, 2018
The three first tracks show the usual rebellious take on noise-pop and rock, but the extended chirping birds / psychedelic texture clusterfuck of "III" might indicate there is much more in store for the Piladelphia-rockers. For now this is a considerably exciting gleam into an immensely-colorful world of sounds and ideas, but not much more than that.
Apr 16, 2018
A solid, but not always inspired turn of direction from the Manchester-based band veering away completely from their black-metal roots. While really beautiful and rich in sound, The Hallowing of Heirdom cements Winterfylleth's status as some sort of castaway group in recent metal music, not only for the radical aesthetical change, but for the enlightening aura that emanates from their classical-ladden orchestrated arrangements and solace-providing lyrics and themes, however safe they can sound ... read more
Apr 12, 2018
"And I fight time
It won in a landslide
I'm just as good as anybody
I'm just as bad as anybody"

American singer/songwriter Lucy Dacus' sophomore LP is one of earnest life and death confrontation, a thorough study of the ups and downs of simple, common individuals, stripped from the usual phallacies that slowly, but steadily flood people's intellects along the way. With an intimacy that remains unshaken since her first big steps in the music world, Dacus' music can feel both ... read more
Apr 11, 2018
Although not the powerhouse that Drone Logic was in its subtle passageways and eternal staircases and even if a tad too long for its own good, Song for Alpha hits the sublime spots of the british producer's finecrafting. This is far from energetic and highly distinguishable electronic music, but works pretty well in immerging the listener in this fluid, neon-lighted universe of textures, colors and far-away echoes of memory and thought. If looking for music that is thoroughly synesthetic, one ... read more
Apr 11, 2018
Taking the music world by storm, fast-rising colombian-american Kali Uchis shows worth in a star-ladden debut album that by no means feels like a debut album. Despite its seemingly tight format (clocking at about 45min) for a breakthrough release, it is so densely packed with genre crossing antics and genre blending that it actually feels quite a bit longer.

However vulnerable and intimate the songwriting can be at points, Isolation oozes with confidence and impact, all credit to the ... read more
Apr 9, 2018*
Garage-rock, dream-pop, post-industrial marchings, noise-rock, electronic music and a whole lot of other genres clash and collide in Julian Casablancas' new record with The Voidz, their sophomore release coming up four years after the vastly explorative and enticing Tyranny. Oddly enough, whereas that first endeavour was deemed 'too experimental' or 'all-over-the-place' by more than a few reviewing publications and music enthusiasts a few years back, Virtue seems to be getting the ... read more
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"I'd say it is far from a groundbreaking work, but a soothing, peace-making one. Quite puerile, if you ask me, but soothing, nonetheless."
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"I definitely understand that this ought to be the main idea of the album somehow, but for me, MASSEDUCTION just doesn't speak up cleary enough when trying to tackle such macroscopic themes, ending up focusing much more on a few intimate joints that don't really add up to the overall concept. Meanwhile, the social critique that had once been pointed as the driving force of the record drifts in and out of place. It just lacks coherence to me."
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