Jan 18, 2019
This record makes me want to see this band live in a bar, go to the back of the venue, and have a really introspective conversation with a person I have a crush on over some cheap beer.

Tallies have a sound that is becoming increasingly more commonplace (I'd compare it to Alvvays and Hatchie with some Tennis flair), but none of the songs on this record were ever bad. In fact, they were all quite catchy with some good lyricism ("Have You", "Eden", "Trains and ... read more
Nov 27, 2018
A surprisingly-synthy turn for My Brightest Diamond. A necessary shift in primary sonic focus after the samey nature of the last few records, A Million and One is a mixed bag of intriguing synths, layered & manipulated vocals to accentuate the impressive performances, and some neat shifts & modulations mid-song. The songs truly work when they lean into a percussive weight or let the synths and manipulation really do their thing, with great art pop sensibilities. The earlier tracks lack ... read more
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