Jan 2, 2021 (updated Jan 2, 2021)
Shoegaze trap? Oki onto the actual review now.

The glitchy art cover grabbed my attention and compelled me to listen to it on that basis alone, and through my listening experience, I’ve discovered a glitchy, lo-fi, and dreamy experimental and cloud rap album that’s incredibly dense and hypersonic.

Fax Gang has left quite the impression on me after this listen, a group I practically haven’t heard of until today, and what a joy it truly is to discover music from new artists you enjoy a lot. I see a lot of potential from these guys and I love their ideas and what they’re attempting to perform, some will dig it and some won’t, I can see myself as a fan of their work and look forward to what they’ll do next, onto the album now.

Pros: Out of the dense and low-fidelity production comes out a beautiful and chaotic soundscape that’s peculiar at first listen, as I listened to the very hazy production I was slightly off-put by the mixing but it later grew on me a lot and helped me to appreciate the aesthetic and appeal of the record even more. The glitchy and lo-fi production does a superb job of setting a tone and it remains consistent with that approach throughout the album, it’s a dreamy album in a claustrophobic and rapid environment paradoxically enough and it’s without a doubt a grower. The highest moments here are very high with songs like Implosion, Itsumo, Anything To Gain/Nothing To Lose being my favorite takeaways here, they represent a very sonic, dense, and experimental style of rap I haven’t seen in many other artists so it’s a unique approach to the medium and it’s executed well.

Cons: The mixing and production are off-putting but it depends on the listener’s ears and preferences, some will enjoy the hazy and noisy production and some won’t, I enjoyed it but it takes a while to get used to and represents a barrier to the listening experience. Other than the mixing some songs didn’t strike as great a chord in me as I felt they were mainly decent efforts and not a bad listen but could have been better, but for a first LP it marks good progress and they can only improve from here on out I hope.

Overall: AETHERNET by Fax Gang is one strange and eclectic experimental and cloud rap, one that will prove as divisive as it will be possibly game-changing, a fascinating mixture of noise, lo-fi, and shoegaze rap/trap that sets the new year off excitedly and I am quite looking forward to hearing more stuff from them, a recommended record for sure.


P.S. Happy new year to everyone! Let us hope this year will be better than the previous and that we’ll commit to being better human beans and try to survive all of this together. Good luck with everyone, and wish you all the best!
Jan 3, 2021
happy new year!
Jan 3, 2021
Happy New Year!! :)
Jan 3, 2021
Jan 4, 2021
You just pinned most what I feel about this album!
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