Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
Jun 4, 2021
In the Blue Weekend exists a warm, blissful ocean that sinks around you and enchanting you in a sea of comfort, it's also a sea of mystery where many discoveries await and a world to explore. That world I just described feels a lot like the Wolf Alice album "Blue Weekend" a melancholic and gorgeous aesthetic permeates throughout this record, with it's highs and lows you're entering the most polished and consistent Wolf Alice record, a mix and mattering of highly executed indie and art pop songs and a band that showcases it's growth and potential in each new album and just when you think they've hit the peak they come out with this, "Blue Weekend" a dreamy and captivating album that seals Wolf Alice as one of the best indie and pop bands around.

In the confines of this album you'll see a band experimenting their versatility and open-mindedness towards their identity as a band, from the sweet and gentle opener of "The Beach" to the mesmerizing indie pop song "Lipstick on The Glass" to the punk raunchy extravaganza "Smile" and even to the heavenly dream euphoria of "The Last Man on Earth". What sits through these songs is the seamless motive of Wolf Alice putting forward their expertise and implementation of crafting indie and pop songs that change your expectations of the band entirely and cultivate a new and profound appreciation for them. I believe this is some of the best albums of the year with the possibility of it sitting it in my top 10, it's Wolf Alice's most consistent and polished record like I stated in the intro, Ellie's voice is shining in graceful beauty as it stands the testament of time itself, as if a dreamy apocalyptic world has taken over and this record has come to provide the answers. I think overall it's a beautiful showcase of the band as it's prime, in full confident extravaganza, quite the blue weekend we're having I must say.

My only complaints were that sometimes it can feel slightly disjointed and a bit all over the place, the changes from a teetering indie pop song to a more aggressive punk song can be disorienting at first, especially for a first time listener but it managed to grow on me after a while and become much more accepting it of it, I see it now as a showcase of how differing the band is willing to try out different styles and take new risks, even if those risks don't always sound so great.

2021 has been mainly a year of post-punk excellence but it's such a breath of joy and happiness to see an indie and art pop record take place into the sky and become one of the best albums of the year imo. Blue Weekend is an astonishing and great output from Wolf Alice, I couldn't be happier to see them progressing in this direction and to see them mature in sound and capability. The blue in Blue Weekend represents the melancholy and warmth of the record, because for a record that's as beautiful as it is dreamy it's a great experience from top to bottom.
Jun 4, 2021
superb review my friend, this is a great job! I can't wait to dive into listening to this record
Jun 4, 2021
I'm glad you liked it!! I hope you'll love it as much as I did, one of the best of the year ^^ @DoubleZ
Jun 4, 2021
well said :)
Jun 4, 2021
❤️ @Raccoon⁵
Jun 4, 2021
amazing review for an amazing record
Jun 4, 2021
Tysm! :)) @BGL13
Jun 7, 2021
Jun 8, 2021
It loves you too, thank you so much!! @Cry
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