AOTY 2018
Aug 31, 2018
Troye Sivan sees the former YouTube star soar into new heights, reaching artistic levels that seemed beyond someone of his calibur, and making for what could certainly be the "radio pop" record of our year
best tracks: Animal, The Good Side
worst track: Seventeen
Aug 24, 2018
another excellent album, that feels as though he continues to experiment upon the sounds of his past two records, moving beyond it's traditional "80's revival cliches", and into more funk and R&B elements.
best track: Charcoal Baby
worst tracK: -
Aug 17, 2018
Mitski's fifth LP is an excellent artistic exploration, that shows Mitski's staying power as both a musician and songwriting
best tracks: Nobody, Two Slow Dancers
worst track: Why Didn't You Stop Me?
Aug 17, 2018
ariana grande's experimentation doesn't fully pay off in what'll be considered a revolutionary pop classic, but its simply an album that'll stand out in comparison to the conformity of her fellow pop contemporaries.
best track: get well soon, R.E.M
worst track: Blazed (feat. Pharrell Williams)
Aug 16, 2018
Beach House's sophomore record is a songwriting spectacle, that improves vastly on their debut's concept and telling a story through a gorgeous and lush soundscape.
best tracks: ---
worst track: Astronaut
Aug 16, 2018
Amine's second record opts for a more lofi trap sound, that finds Amine in a confusing state intertwined in in solidarity to the overall premise.
best track: TOGETHER, SUGARPARENTS (feat. Rico Nasty)
worst tracks: DR. WHOEVER, STFU2
Aug 16, 2018
the pop duo greatly improve on their sound, adding intrigue and style that is paired with playful pop writing. these improvement help create one of the best pop records of the year
best track: Sideways
worst track: Subtle Thing
Aug 5, 2018
the third record from sibling duo falls incredibly middle road, without even standout bad or good tracks
best track: Perplexing Pegasus
worst track: Buckets (feat. Future), Powerglide (feat. Juicy J)
Aug 5, 2018
Kimbra's third album opts for glittery synth and electro art pop, and it's a corner that she fits into perfectly, despite some underdeveloped ideas throughout.
best tracks: Black, Right Direction
worst track: Like They Do On the TV
Aug 3, 2018
Astroworld won't function as a creative re-invention for either Travis nor the trap genre, but the experimentation and creativity that is on display is certain to be enough to keep his name in the circles of rap.
best track: ASTROTHUNDER
worst tracks: NO BYSTANDERS, WAKE UP
Aug 2, 2018
despite what might've been a "interesting" concept, it's Princess Nokias vocal performance and delivery that are the real downside of this release
best track: For the Night
worst track: Morphine
Aug 2, 2018
OSHUN show incredible promise as a hip-hop sister duo, highlighting it's strengths early into the experimental styles of it early half.
best tracks: Blessings on Blessings, Me
worst track: We're Yung
Aug 2, 2018
Lamp Lit Prose feels like a new outlet for the band through cluttered pop sounds and eccentric writing, that transpires into a solidly artistic piece of work.
best tracks: Blue Bird, What Is The Time
worst tracks: That's a Lifestyle, Zombie Conqueror (feat. Empress Of)
Aug 2, 2018
despite promise in both delivery and aesthetic, Post Malone suffocates said former strengths with a plethora of mediocre filler tracks
best track: Stay
worst track: Over Now, Otherside
Jul 30, 2018
the debut record from the sister duo is silky smooth and buoyant bouncy electro R&B, personified by lovingly sweet vocals and romantic lyrics.
best track: My Love
worst tracks: Touch the Floor (feat. Masego), Filters
Jul 30, 2018
an excellent and exceedingly promising lead single that excites for his next record.
Jul 30, 2018
an impressively cohesive outing, that sees his experimenting payoff on solid production and style.
best track: MAD I GOT IT
worst track: SUMO
Jul 30, 2018
a strong outing of pure songwriting talent, elevated by impressive production
best track: MAD I GOT IT
Jul 30, 2018
denzel curry's first act is capitalized by great produced and performed center tracks and songwriting.
best track: CASH MANIAC
worst track:SUMO
Jul 30, 2018
unlike her last mixtape, Nightride, the same creative presence is much lost in a way that feels as though Tinashe is reaching for any form of acknowledgement from the general public. it's result is a cliched hodgepodge of a pop album.
best track: No Contest
worst track: Me So Bad (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & French Montana)
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