City Girl - Somnolent Nova
Jan 20, 2019
As someone who has forced his way through hours and hours of lofi hip hop, my main problem with the genre is that it sounds so unfinished and bare a lot of the time. Often the songs feature a piano sample, some basic ass precussion, some vinyl white noise and perhaps a vocal sample. It just sounds off to me, even when done "right" it feels off. So I am delighted to have found City Girl, one of the few lofi hip hop artist who seem to put some extra love into their songs, and Somnolent Nova is the best example of this yet.
The songs don't necessarily feature any more elements than then ones I listed. But it's how they're used, how they're mixed. The songs actually feel alive, with fluid changes in the production. Ambient soundscapes fill the room that the main guitar or piano melody can't. And speaking of those main melodies, they're always conforting and soft, like floating on top a pink cloud.
There's just something about City Girl in particular that makes me understand why lofi hip hop has become such a trend. Somnolent Nova is one of the very few records in this genre that I can say I love, and I think you should give it a shot if you, like me, think there's nothing of value to be found in it.
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Jun 16, 2019
I first listened to City Girl because I loved the album art. A few moments into the first song (On the Train Somewhere Between My Apartment and You, Loveless Shadows) I knew I had found something wonderful. I had never heard of the genre LowFi Hip-Hop until I read your review. I’m listening to Somnolent Nova as I write. I have to find out who the artists are, I want to write music like this...
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