Feb 25, 2020
Halfaxa struggles with justifying its length. A fair lot of the songs become dull even if they're based on a very interesting soundscape. I still recommend it a lot though, the record has unique and incredibly interesting aspects even though it drags on.
Feb 24, 2020
Feb 23, 2020
Everything about Geidi Primes instills the image of a witches hut to me. Every song feels unnaturally organic and folklore-esque. Like an inverted farae, the sweet vocal harmonies sound more like the warnings of a sirens song than a genuine welcome from the forests many creatures. It's a very interesting record for this reason; it's unlike most music I've heard, let alone anything I've heard coming from Grimes. It sounds warm and nostalgic in a way, despite the foreboding image it conjures in ... read more
Feb 20, 2020
It's hard not to get pulled into the quiet melancholy of Lady in Satin, when the moment is right there is no music that better illustrates the sorrowful blues of lonesomeness. Fantastic vocals from front to back, gorgeous instrumentation backing Billie throughout, really it's easy to see that this is a masterpiece within its own class.
Feb 20, 2020
Not gonna lie here chief this sounds sterile as fuck. Like the sound isn't bad, but in what way is The Slow Rush worth returning to compared to any and every other Tame Impala album? It's so boring, it's so uninteresting, I felt nothing throughout. It's just a big old disappointment compared to what I know Kevin Parker to be. Or perhaps this is the logical conclution to his sound, a perfect sounding album with absolutely no character whatsoever. Either way I don't see the appeal of this. ... read more
Feb 13, 2020
A surprising turn from the lush and soothing 2012-17, but not without some flaws.
I find myself most attracted to the songs that remind me of that previous record from AAL, With an Addict cruises along with some light psychedelia mixed in, and the euphoria I feel when the choir vocals creep in like fog on Faith remains unmatched across most of ALL's published work so far. I also love the opener Fantasy, it's far and away the best track utilizing sounds from industrial techno and the likes. The ... read more
Feb 11, 2020
I don't think I'm normally that fond of latin jazz, but this was a pretty fun listen. Great sound on this thing too, the percussion and brass sounds so crisp and clear. Yeah I quite enjoyed this, it falls off a little in the second half but overall this was a lot better than I expected.
Feb 10, 2020
Leave Earth is kind of like an extended and redefined version of THINK: PEACE. All the tracks not previously appearing on that record are honestly great, sans DEAFENING RED which has a pretty corny and overly serious acappella verse. I also prefer the album version of Adam & The Evil and Naysayer Godslayer (titled Naysayer, Magick Obeyer on T:P), but they're far from any definition of bad still. It's also kind of a shame the playlist loses the immaculate track to track flow of THINK: PEACE, ... read more
Feb 5, 2020
Like it's predecessor this is a sort of semi-concept album, seemingly being mostly centered around love. It diverges into other narrative bits a couple of times but most of the songs reflect the digital infatuation of love in a post-Internet age. It only makes sense then, for me at least, that this record sounds a lot more sugary and poppy than No NOW. As much as I was disappointed by that fact in the beginning (would have loved a No NOW 2), I've grown to really really like THINK: PEACE.

Not ... read more
Feb 2, 2020
Ever since first hearing about this record I've kept a mild interest in it. People keep describing it as one of the strangest pop records ever, one of the most adventerous musical journies of the modern century. Now that I've finally tried No NOW out for myself, I can't say they're wrong. Not that there hasn't been other incredibly strange and unique records in the pop-scape last decade, but I am honestly kind of shocked this came out 5 whole years ago. We see records like this semi-often ... read more
Jan 30, 2020
A whirlwind of carefree mania and suicidal agression, Shinsei Kamattechan is one of the most unique bands I've heard in a while. Every track sounds like it's about to completely snap, in a weird way it's an unsettling and odd listen (Especially "I Don't Want to go to School"). Once you peel back the layers and make sense of the chaos however, you'll find a selection of really great noise-pop songs, depressive as they may be. The vocals are strange, and honestly may be an aquired ... read more
Jan 29, 2020
Richard's voice carries everything here, tbh he could have gone acapella and still make the room groove. Just such an undeniable charm, even on the more lacking cuts he gives his fucking all.
Jan 29, 2020
Pizza VS Hamburger is so good it throws off the rest of the album, the other songs just can't compare to that song. cherish is a lot like their previous record, even down to the length and number of tracks, still it fails to grip me in the same way. The record is highly enjoyable, but is characterized by its peaks and valleys of quality, simply put if you're gonna make a record with just 9 songs you gotta make sure they all bang. Cherish only bangs part of the time. Lackluster tracks like shed ... read more
Jan 28, 2020
With a pretty significant change to their lineup and a huge change in sound, KIRINJI is not only back, but sounding better than ever before. While I loved part, if not most, of their previous discography, this just blows everything out of the water for me. It's so undeniably funky and slick, almost psychedelic at times, that I can't help but love it. The new(ish) vocalists are fantastic. Especially the new girl, which I don't think gets a big enough spotlight at all, the vocalists synergy on ... read more
Jan 23, 2020
It's alright, perhaps hindered from being truly great by a really weak couple of tracks towards the end. Super View is really kept together thanks to a small handful of really fantastic tracks, but I can't for the lifte of me care about like half the tracklist. It being only 9 songs perhaps that doesn't sound so bad, but geez does this record just kind of fade into the background really easily. I far from hate it, as said the best songs here are yet again some of the bands best stuff period, ... read more
Jan 20, 2020
Besides one excruciatingly long lullaby, Bouyancy continues KIRINJI's flaming hot mix of old comfort tracks, and new styles and flavours. I mean, they even got a Talking Heads-esque cut on here, as well as some like tribal rock-choir song. They're branching out like never before, and it mostly works very very well, the band continues to excite me.
Jan 16, 2020
Following two great albums KIRINJI seems to have struck while the iron is hot, and delivered one of their best albums thus far. 7 -seven- oozes a feeling of humble, plain honest comfort. It sounds like those times you can just cuddle up on the couch with something good to drink without a worry in the world. Or let me put it this way, this is the first time since their debut that I haven't felt the lenght of the record as I was listening to it. It peacefully and pleasently strolls along, serving ... read more
Jan 13, 2020
The slightly crisper, electronic (at times) sound is enough to breathe new life into KIRINJI's music. Dodegacon is one hell of a cute album, and proof that the group are far from running out of good songs.
Jan 8, 2020
An absolute gem in their discography, sporting songs stronger than most of the material on their three previous records. That's a compliment to the band, since there was a whole lot to love about both 3 and Fine. That only means there's even more to love about Sweet Soul, and the instrumental versions of the tracks are appreciated as well. So far this is a must listen if you want to get into KIRINJI.
Jan 6, 2020
Without a doubt their *finest* album since their glorious debut. On the surface there's not a lot of difference from 3, but still Fine feels tighter and overall more focused, even though the band still has a couple of slower songs that just seem to wander on and on and then just kind of end. Perhaps there's a language barrier here, but I do prefer the songs with a bit more of a structure, the ones with clear and catchy hooks. And there are enough of those to make me confident in saying that ... read more
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