Nov 19, 2018
Eradicate it...
Nov 21, 2018
It's probably the best thing they've done, but it's still not good at all.
Nov 21, 2018
Nail is the album equvilent to a good cartoon villain. It's silly, and goofy. Charming and entertaining, yet still threatening and violent.
This is by no means the good guy in the story, but can you really blame me if i end up rooting for him?
Jan 20, 2019
As someone who has forced his way through hours and hours of lofi hip hop, my main problem with the genre is that it sounds so unfinished and bare a lot of the time. Often the songs feature a piano sample, some basic ass precussion, some vinyl white noise and perhaps a vocal sample. It just sounds off to me, even when done "right" it feels off. So I am delighted to have found City Girl, one of the few lofi hip hop artist who seem to put some extra love into their songs, and Somnolent ... read more
Dec 24, 2018
Apocalyptic trap. Rodeo is dark with its varied, but stripped down sonic palette. The songs are brimming with screeching guitar feedback, heavy precussion, piano loops and swirling synthesizers. Travis is arguably as versatile of a performer as the production. But you'd never mistake him for someone else here.
And while Travis might not be the greatest lyricist, he's able to create a sound and atmosphere in his songs that make you forget the lyrics altogether.
Rodeo is trippy, bruting and ... read more
Mar 27, 2019
For a blatant TØP copy, they put in the work. I'm not crazy about the sound though, it's too bombastic for its own good.
Apr 11, 2019
It's clear who, and what inspires In Love With A Ghost's music, and I would dare say it veers dangerously close to Toby Fox 2: Legend of Zeldaloo at times. That doesn't excuse how adorable "healing" is though. It is clear that this is a person who's too focused on creating music based on their complex appreciation of life and love (and video games) too stick to just one genre. In just 17 short minutes we're taken on a mystical and cutesy journey to some distant land, filled with ... read more
Apr 25, 2019
Everything Will Be Alright was not a fluke, it seems. Because Weezer is back, and with The White Album they have a newfound confidence that elevates these new songs into O.G. Weezy territory. I adore the beachy vibes this gives off, with good reason too as Rivers found a lot of inspiration in The Beach Boys. It shows, as I can't remember any other recent Weezer record sounding as lively and blissful as this one. Remarkably though, it's also reminiscent of the rougher qualities of Pinkerton, ... read more
Jun 3, 2019
While it's mighty impressive that Tame Impala can switch up their sound this radically without loosing the core essence of the band, I'm not always head over heels about the psychedelic balladry of Currents.
The first leg of the record is fantastic, especially cuts like Eventually and The Moment. Once we hit fan favourite The Less I Know The Better things start to stagnate however. I don't really care for the song personally, it's one of the less interesting in the tracklist. For track 8, 10 ... read more
Jun 7, 2019
Robyn Is Here? More like Boring Is Here hahah lol
Jul 1, 2019
It seems like Hot Snakes have become fully comfortable in their own skin on Suicide Invoice. Not different at all to their debut, though this record manages to carry over all the good elements of that record, and leave the regrettable ones behind. And with that, the band shows that you don't have to constantly reinvent yourself, or the genre you're playing to be good. Sometimes you just have to do the genre justice as is. And with their blisteringly loud, rumbling chugging, they lead by example.
Jan 2, 2020
Okay but what the fuck does this album have to do with aliens?
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