Nov 18, 2018
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He's got an impressively large willy.
Feb 24, 2020
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Nov 19, 2018
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Yeah this is the best Panic! album, but that's because it doesn't sound like a Panic! album.
They changed up their sound completely, going for a folksy pop rock sound instead of the awful genre mashing on Fever.
In a perfect world they would have continued with this sound.
May 28, 2019
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The sound is good. The sound is great! The sound gets worn out...

Innerspeaker has certainly grown on me since my first listen, but at the same time those initial problems I had still stands.
Most importantly of all, this record feels waaaay longer than it actually is. So this problem with length, plus the fact that there isn't really all that much exciting about it, makes it almost grating to get through at times.

Sure there's a couple of cuts that not only shows Tame Impala's love for ... read more
Dec 6, 2018
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Lopatin limits himself down to only making basic edits to sampled songs. Vocal snippets are chopped, streched and warped to give each voice a haunting, lonely and hopeless edge. The result is arguably the most innfluential album of the decade, the mother of vaporwave.
Surprisingly the simple edits made to the samples make the album so unique in its mood.
The album is all alone, as the reverb and echo of each of the sample loops seem to go on forever, only drowned out by the next loop coming. ... read more
Jun 2, 2019
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Loneliness has never sounded this heavenly.

Really though, this is a big step up for the band, and I know it isn't a competition, but in a fight between this and Innerspeaker, Lonerism wins every time. Tame Impala seems to have realized their flaws, and have worked to improve, expand and refine their sound (with great results I might add).

The record is so rich in texture and colour, with near every track seeming to offer a new and exciting sound, without the band ever going off the beaten ... read more
Jul 21, 2019
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Have you ever just felt that a piece of art is that artists peak? Their artistry put into a physical manifestation exactly as they saw it to be? The best draft of the pile, their magnum opus? The work that doesn't necessarily define them, but seeks to be an utter perfection of their style and craft?

Dots and Loops is Stereolab's best record, and egen though I haven't heard all their albums yet (going chronologically through their discog like usual), I can say that pretty confidently. And if ... read more
Aug 4, 2019
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Undeniably similar to many of the indie acts of the bedroom generation, Fuzzybrain differenciates itself in the most simple ways.

Dayglow feels like a real band, not just an obvious copy of the genre's grandmaster DeMarco or his underling boy pablo. Dayglow present depth to their catchy, simple tunes. Depth through solid, dreamy instrumentation and great songwriting. Fuzzybrain does not sound like the result of a group of back alley kids' first major contribution to the music world. These ... read more
Oct 9, 2019
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The record accomplishes its goal excellently. That being melting your mind and blowing your speakers out.

Kai Whiston is like Iglooghost's edgy, slightly more chill lil bro. He layers his distorted beats with sample after sample, some used no more than once, creating a furious and almost claustrophobic club experience. He's a fan of deep, penetrating bass hits and drill-like grooves. The opening track is one of many glorious bangers here, I love how it starts with an etherial and calming ... read more
Jan 7, 2019
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Chris is a funky and confident synthpop record. Consisting of both the english and french version, I'd reccomend listening to both to see how well each song translates. Christine and The Queens enter with a lot of important things to say, but she doesn't depend on her strong lyrical matter to make a great record. The record is crisp, clean and awfully fun to dance to, as most great pop albums should be.
Mar 28, 2019
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It reminds me of kids bop from time to time. For teenybopper music, there's a lot worse stuff out there, but Ariana's debut isn't a masterpiece or anything. There are a lot regrettable decisions made on here that pushes Yours Truly close to parody.
Jun 14, 2019
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Wow alright, I thought Faith was dark, but this... this is completely devoid of any light at all.
Just pain, desperation and a contagious, apochalyptic kind of nihilism. I wouldn't expect that the soundtrack to the end of the world would be named "Pornography", but at the same time it has a sort of chilling irony to it that totally makes sense.

In short this album sounds like a descent into hell, not hell itself, just the seemingly never ending, pitch black fall. You're helpless ... read more
Jun 21, 2019
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Seeing the album cover for this I immediately thought "oh City Girl is gonna do something electronica this time huh." And wouldn't ya know it, I was completely right.

Where Somnolet Nova, from earlier this year, gave me the feeling of floating quietly in space, observing all the cosmic wonders that exist, Chroma Velocity is the much more intense fall back to earth. I find it impressive that City Girl has so successfully carried their key musical components into a relatively new ... read more
Jul 5, 2019
EntryIncomplete -
This left a really bad taste in my mouth. I am disappointed, I quite liked her creatove songwriting and aesthetic on her Turn Off The Lights project, but this is not that. Not that it needs to be a rehash of that record ofc, just that I expected to some degree the same creative flare on Clarity. Instead I got an album that tries to balance the narrative of a badass bitch, and that of a heartbroken, petty and unlikeable person.
I get that it's fun to play around with modern pop tropes, but this ... read more
Aug 3, 2019
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It's like Twenty One Pilots wrote music for Despicable Me 4... on speed
If the overture doesn't turn you off immediately, then God help you
Oct 22, 2019
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A good friend of mine said this reminded him of Pink Guy's music. And yeah, I can totally see it.

There's something charming about sushi x kobe. The eccentric Norwegian duo are the finest example of high energy hype rap I've found so far. Japan is utterly ridiculous and hilariously overblown. The beats are simple and effective drill-like bangers, it reminds me of something Chief Keef could jump on.

But the main attraction, at least for me, are the two rappers in question though. They're from ... read more
Nov 10, 2019
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Kai isolated himself to be subjugated and inspired by the brute forces and gorgeous exteriors of nature. This record is him trying to pull off something big, something much grander than his first record for sure. KWB is great, but nigh more than a banger marathon. What we get as a result is well... Well very similar to Four Tet's brand of organic Post-rock electronica. And as I came to this realization some of the magic of NWAGAM faded away, it wasn't as entirely original as I had first though, ... read more
May 27, 2019
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I.... I don't know.

It feels like something is missing, can't quite put my finger on it. IGOR is certainly among Tyler's best records, and is probably the most consistent thematically. Yes, the way he chooses to approach the age old subject of love and breakups is certanly like nothing I've every heard before, and I'm grateful for it. He's thorough and raw, yet inserts his usual Tyler-isms without it coming across as distracting. The production is also great, for the most part.

A couple of ... read more
May 12, 2019
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The more time I spend with this record, the more I fall in love with it. It's a record that isn't limited to anything but its own, flowing will. Laurel pulls from all kinds of different sources, merging jazz, classical and ambient textures to create this dizzying, psychadelic and organic soundscape. Dust is in many ways, ugly, stumbling and crude, but it's from these awkward meshings of sound and style that new beauty flourishes.
And Dust is a beautiful record to me. A kind of haunting, ... read more
Nov 19, 2018*
EntryIncomplete -
Aloha, aloha! Suit up!
Hallmark post-hardcore album, wish they did more under this name.
Edit: Just relistened and yeah it's a 10
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