2021 Albums/EP's

Albums that I have/will listen to that came out during the year of 2021. Scores are not final and may be altered after a relisten. (Sorted in order of when I listened to them.)

NOTE: EP's on this list are not included in my year-end lists

Doc D - Planetory Destruction
A nice tribute to MF DOOM but is way too bloated with uninteresting features and painfully unfunny skits. Atleast the production is solid.

Favorite track: Bounty Law

Least favorite track: Ready Player Gun
serpentwithfeet - DEACON
Fantastically enjoyable, but also bland and uninteresting at times. This serpentwithfeet album is a very mixed bag.

Favorite track: Fellowship

Least favorite track: Amir
Black Country, New Road - For the first time
Will probably write a review of this in the future but for now:

This album is hauntingly beautiful, with aggressive instrumentation, rough mixing and to top it all off... Spoken Word. Truly a work of art.

Favorite track: Opus

Least favorite track: Track X
Claud - Super Monster
Some fairly simple bedroom pop from Claud. Nothing incredible but it could definitely be worse.

Favorite track: Pepsi

Least favorite track: Guard Down
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - CARNAGE
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis don't exactly reinvent themselves on this album, but it's unique from the sound of The Bad Seeds and not in a bad way at all.

Favorite track: Hand of God

Least favorite track: Lavender Fields
slowthai - TYRON
slowthai released one of my favorite albums of 2019 with "Nothing Great About Britain" but embraces a more radio-friendly sound on this album, much to the albums dismay.

Favorite track: adhd

Least favorite track: nhs
Flying Lotus - Yasuke
A very enjoyable experience for what it is. Flying Lotus's "Yasuke" will tell you the entire story of the first African samurai without you even having to watch the actual show.

Favorite track: Crust

Least favorite track: Sachi
Jeff Rosenstock - SKA DREAM
it's fucking ska punk babeyy

Favorite track: Checkerboard Ashtray

Least favorite track: Monday At Back To The Beach
Quadeca - From Me To You
An fascinating production choice can't save this albums dull lyrical and vocal ability. Quadeca stay missing. (please start producing more though pls)

Favorite track: Burnin Bridges / Long Day

Least favorite track: Smiling at the Ground
Gojira - Fortitude
First 4 songs are incredible, but the rest of the album switches from great to boring. This Gojira album trails a bit in the second half of the record but not enough to take away from the incredible highlights.

Favorite track: Grind
Least favorite track: The Chant
Daði Freyr - Welcome
A fun little EP from the Icelandic Eurovision icons. Not a lot to grasp at here but it's somewhat solid.

Favorite track: Clear My Head

Least favorite track: Feel the Love
The singles of this album all land in the first half, and I thoroughly enjoyed all singles except "Maybe Chocolate Chips". So I fully expected this to be one of my favorite albums of the year despite the user score. However, the second half turns out to be a supremely mixed bag. I still really like this album, but I feel as though it could've been much better than the final product.

Favorite track: PING PONG!

Least favorite track: Maybe Chocolate Chips
Olivia Rodrigo - SOUR
Olivia Rodrigo shows that she is a capable singer but for a majority of the record she doesn't show much creativity. The more rockier tracks on this album are the best ones, so it's a shame there are so few of them.

Favorite track: good 4 u

Least favorite track: 1 step forward, 3 steps back
Bladee - The Fool
This is all I want from a Bladee album tbh. Good, spacy, futuristic production and Bladee matching the vocals to actually fit the instrumentals instead of whining like a complete idiot (*cough cough* RED LIGHT *cough*). Good album.

Favorite track: Thee 9 Is Up

Least favorite track: Let's Ride
RiskR - DayDreaming
The songs on this short EP have interesting qualities, but ultimately feel somewhat hollow. The mixing is also weak on certain fronts but for an AOTY user, it could've been worse.

Favorite track: I'll Remember You

Least favorite track: Apocalypse
RiskR - Lost
This project fixes issues on the production & mixing front. But it's still lacking in some respects. More ambitious ideas don't always result in a better project and I think what Riskr is trying to do on this EP can be more appreciated than what he actually does.

Favorite track: where do we go from here?

Least favorite track: ...but i want them to last forever
Squid - Bright Green Field
An incredibly ambitious debut from UK-based band "Squid". Everyone knows it's good so I don't really have to get into it, but some of the tracks definitely overstay their welcome. Which sucks because at the core they are great songs.

Favorite track: Narrator

Least favorite track: Paddling
Xiu Xiu - Oh No
Really don't know what to say here. It's unlike anything I've ever heard before so... that's something, I guess?

Favorite track: Saint Dymphna

Least favorite track: Goodbye For Good
Migos - Culture III
While not as bloated as Culture II, this album still manages to fall short because of the fact that it barely even has highlights. It's just more filler from the Migos. Sad.

Favorite track: Avalanche

Least favorite track: What You See
Ski Mask The Slump God - Sin City The Mixtape
What the fuck is this?

Favorite track: Merlin's Staff

Least favorite track: Mental Magneto
Tyler, the Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST
A perfect blend of Tyler's previous work. The experimentality of Cherry Bomb. The sentimentality of Flower Boy & IGOR. The aggressiveness of Wolf. It features everything a fan of Tyler Gregory Okonma could ever want.


Least favorite track: LEMONHEAD
파란노을 [Parannoul] - To See the Next Part of the Dream
An album that unfortunately didn't click with me as much as I'd like. The songs are extremely similar and extremely long-winded. The instrumentals at their core are nice but the album as a whole lacks something.

Favorite track: Excuse

Least favorite track: Extra Story
Rebecca Black - Rebecca Black Was Here
It's okay. Rebecca Black barely makes her music more interesting than generic radio-fodder on this EP and I will probably not check out a future project of hers unless recommended.

Favorite track: Worth It for the Feeling

Least favorite track: Blue
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3000
When you hear the first song you will be intrigued by the sound direction King Gizzard has gone with for this LP, but as the album drags on you realize that they can't do the style justice and you're ultimately left disappointed.

Favorite track: Catching Smoke

Least favorite track: Blue Morpho
Panopticon - ...And Again Into the Light
On one hand sweet and somber, on the other grimey and heavy. Panopticon finds a way to mix Folk and Black Metal in a way which leaves you amazed.

Favorite track: Dead Loons

Least favorite track: Rope Burn Exit
Surprisingly enjoyable for a DJ Khaled release. Some actually great songs on this album, unfortunately they are so few that the album still leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Favorite track: THANKFUL

Least favorite track: GREECE
Bruno Pernadas - Private Reasons
(part of Chode 7 day album swap)

Bruno Pernadas mixes several genres together to make an extremely beautiful album. I do feel, however, that the album does not justify its runtime, leaving several songs to be too long for their own good.

Favorite track: Recife

Least favorite track: Fuzzy Soul
St. Vincent - Daddy's Home
St. Vincent just doesn't know how to make a bad album basically.

Favorite track: The Melting Of The Sun

Least favorite track: Down And Out Downtown
Vince Staples - Vince Staples
Disappointed. I adore Vince Staples's previous work but this just didn't live up to my expectations. There are some great beats and great flows as expected, but at the same time it is also painfully run-of-the-mill.

Favorite track: ARE YOU WITH THAT?

Least favorite track: TAKING TRIPS
Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee
Lush, gorgeous instrumentation and incredibly delicate vocals. It's all you could want and more from a Indie Pop record.

Favorite track: Be Sweet

Least favorite track: Sit
Hiatus Kaiyote - Mood Valiant
Favorite track: Red Room

Least favorite track: Blood and Marrow
Sleater-Kinney - Path of Wellness
Sleater-Kinney have completely phoned it in on this project and the result is an LP that is neither as exciting nor complex as their early releases.

Favorite track: Shadow Town

Least favorite track: Favorite Neighbor
KSI - All Over the Place
An improvement over his debut album, but still lacking in several departments. It's just simply a redundant modern rap record. Cringed several times while listening though because holy FUCK does KSI not know how to write clever lyrics.

Favorite track: No Time

Least favorite track: No Pressure
black midi - Cavalcade

Favorite track: John L

Least favorite track: Diamond Stuff
Shelley FKA DRAM - Shelley FKA DRAM
While this project features some genuinely great and soulful tracks, most of this album is pretty bland and awkward. There is also a god awful Daft Punk cover on it??? For some reason??? Idk man. :/

Favorite track: The Lay Down

Least favorite track: Something About Us
Clairo - Sling
There are some amazing tracks on this album, but for the most part it didn't click with me. I absolutely see the appeal of Clairo's music, it's just not as good as people say it is in my opinion.

Favorite track: Amoeba

Least favorite track: Little Changes
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