Gunna - DS4EVER

Does Gunna…LIKE music? I’m not fully convinced he does.

twenty one pilots - Scaled And Icy
It is not that TOP became Pop, but it is you who judge them as something much deeper than it really is.
Their music never impressed me at all, it was always just another overrated group that wants to be seen as a genius. They are just pretentious.

The sound makes them look like a band that came out of a cartoon, that's one of the reasons why I don't take anything they do seriously.
It seems like they’re always making songs to put on cartoons for 12 year olds. Super sugary melodies and ... read more

black midi - Cavalcade
To me this is just a complete and chaotic mess, but as it is not conventional, let's give it 90 and say it is the best thing ever made.

Yes, have some interesting moments, but I would like to know why they say they are so good, then I would listen with different eyes, but at that moment it is just a lot of noise without any sense to me.

Everybody seems that are playing a completely different song, and I don't like all this informations coming by different sides.

What was supposed to be ... read more

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