AOTY 2023
Owl City - Cinematic
Aug 4, 2020
This is the ultimate example of a "Complete's Hack Guide to Musicmaking" in album form... Lyrically, you feel like you're listening to stock music version of types of songs done by millions of others... the platitude-ish inspiration songs, the singer-songwriter story songs, lyrical themes you'd often find in white-man-with-acoustic-guitar songs, you name it.... I don't want to know what a stock version of Death Grips would be like from Adam.

The instrumentals are also so static. Even when he changes up the style and sounds (going from cinematic *dum dumm bish* strings to "Valerie"-esque synth solos"), they're all robotic AI versions of electronic genres you've heard before and far better, not to mention Adam's static voice is so much in the front of the mix that you barely get whatever impact the instrumentals might have (if there are any).

Also, can Owl City stop producing albums that have the tone of stories on the Good News Network? Doesn't he know conflict is what makes any art form memorable? Does this man even know you especially need conflict in *cinematic* material? Songs as positive as "Fireflies" and "Vanilla Twilight" are great as tracks.... but not as full fricking albums. Lame album, lame songs, a few cool synth lines but mostly lame music, and a lame 20s-looking punk dude in his thirties makes for the most miserable experience you could ever imagine.... if you've never listened to *Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven*, that is

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