AOTY 2023
Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs
I've really, really tried to like Sleaford Mods but I just don't understand how anyone can think this is listenable. And this is coming from someone who is everything from shitty pop to stupid deathcore. This includes post-punk, in which Sleaford Mods resides.

So that explains why I like some of the instrumentals - I could definitely jam to some of them, although a lot of them are a 2 second loop repeated for 3 minutes. I also like and appreciate the lyrical sentiments and humour regarding ... read more

Lady Gaga - Born This Way
The guiltiest of all guilty pleasures.
Also, the worst of all horrible album covers.
Michael Jackson - Michael
Always thought these songs were unbelievably corny for Michael to have sung and written them. I was not very surprised, then, when Sony admitted the labels had used an impersonator and several "close associates" of Michael's as ghostwriters to complete unfinished songs. Whether the rumors are true or not, its still a sad and regrettable attempt at a postmortem cash-grab.
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