AOTY 2023

The 200 Worst Albums of the 2000s according to critics (according to AOTY)

It should be mainstream knowledge that 2000s were horrible in every way imaginable; 9/11, the economic crash, cartoon channels and the film industry hyper-capitalized to the point where remakes destroyed childhood memories, freaking Myspace, and, of course, Kevin Federline. It should come as no shock that the Spears boyfriend will top the list, as he was Playing with Fire by trying to make a rap album and burned himself so severely that his record is the all-time lowest-ranking release on Metacritic; no one has even come close to that 15/100 on that site, neither any other record coming close to Playing with Fire's 18/100 on this site.

A total of 175 50/100-or-lower albums that had at least five critic reviews aggregated were released, 146 49/100 or lower if you think 50/100 is too neutral of a score. A lot of albums from mainstream Billboard-charting acts are here (because, ya know, independent artists always make more interesting stuff), although don't expect the list to be completely free from lame indie snooze fests or metal releases too generic to head bob too. Oh yeah, and Nickelback and Soulja are on here too (Soulja by a very distant second from Federline). Anyway, be ready to find surprises, learn what music will be wastes of the limited time you have on this planet, or even get fanboyishly pissed of one your favorite albums being on here.

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hotel sucks but wow 101st worst? incredible
WOW! You're like a bad music historian!
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