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Swamp is Lil Darkie's most accessible attempt at the anti-meta niche he tries to carve for himself. Although Darkie's controversial sound could be considered a gimmick inspired by the current wave of clout-chasing, his music never feel like shock-value. Instead, Swamp is an authentic expression that is both extremely polarizing and relatable.
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Whole Lotta Red is more of the same.

It's execution is nearly identical to it's predecessor, and it doesn't see Carti taking any bold new directions towards his sound. The album feels like a mirror experience to Die Lit, and it likely won't change anyone's perceptions of Playboi Carti's polarizing hype, but it may disappoint those who do indeed love Carti's sound.
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Hook experiments with the slurred, melodic, and sometimes unintelligible (mumbled) approach to rap pioneered by Playboi Carti.

Although the motifs are simple, they're relatable, and Hook's sound is executed with a unique style and precision that signifies a diamond in the rough.
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Nightmare Vacation matches the fury of Anger Management, with the mainstream edge of Nasty, and the pop-trap cadence of Sugar Trap, to deliver a trailblazing, yet underdeveloped debut.

Despite her collection of mixtapes and singles, and being XXL freshman, Rico still needed a proper introduction as an artist. Her evolution from release to release has been staggering, yet none of Rico’s prior projects fully encapsulated her growth and versatility. Previously, to have a complete ... read more
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Bbymutha explores the weird and obscene with a serious undertone that strikes balance into her craft. It's a raw expression of womanhood and self-confidence layered in mysticism.

Although it tends to be a bit one-note, it's a note that very few artists hit, despite it's occasionally odd mixing.
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Although disliking this song is understandable, if you're out here preaching #AllLivesMatter, #WhiteLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, arguing against police reform, or you don't support Black Lives Matter, then please log off.
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So Much Fun is...well, it's fun, but it's the sort of fun that's similar to playing duck, duck, goose.

For the most part, you're sitting in that stupid fucking circle, somewhat bored and disappointed, however, eventually arrives the rare and surprising moment when you get hit on the head and get to run around and enjoy yourself. When the brief moment ends, you are forced to sit back down and let the seemingly perpetual process repeat itself.
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