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Ethan_J_M -
There is no album as heartbreaking as A Crow Looked At Me. There’s nothing fun, nothing exciting about it. But it’s purely beautiful, and it’s a perfect masterpiece. I've not known it for long at all, but it already ranks in my favorite five albums. And it’s something I’ll never be able to give a casual listen; I will only ever be able to listen to it with complete focus on it.

Take the sadness of Carrie & Lowell, and multiply that by at least twenty times, if ... read more

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Ethan_J_M -
This is whatever, truly just OK. Definitely something I will not be returning to. I feel like I'm even being generous by giving it this score. See, I've actually enjoyed some of twenty one pilots’ earlier work, primarily Trench. But this turned out to be sort of as I expected. It seems to me that it's a filler album in the duo's discography.

Now, "Good Day" is actually a pretty compelling opener and an outlier on this record in how good (heh) it is. The track raised my hopes ... read more
Ethan_J_M -

This is beyond incredible. After several listens since I’ve discovered it, Halcyon Digest is now among my very most favorite albums. The sound is nearly flawless, and the amount of detail is dizzying. The only other albums also from the 2010’s that surpass it in my opinion are Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) and Carrie & Lowell, and that’s seriously saying something.

I was drawn to give this album a listen after hearing “Basement Scene.” The song is ... read more
Ethan_J_M -
Wow, thanks @SnowyFighter for recommending this one.

Stratosphere is a sweet spot between ambient music and chill indie rock. And for fifty-plus minutes of a laid-back atmosphere, it held the whole way through; I wasn’t bored by the time it was over.

The album’s intro and outro—“Moon Age” and “Sideria” respectively—are very well handled. While the flowing opener draws you in with a rather soulful mood, the unpredictable closer leaves you with an ... read more
Ethan_J_M -
Fun in one track and serious in the next, light in one song followed by a much darker number, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit is a largely varying, quirky debut. And it’s overall fantastic, by far one of 2015’s best, possibly only behind Carrie & Lowell for that year.

At first glance, Sometimes I Sit is an album that might not seem like an essential record of the 2010’s, but once I heard it, I knew at once that it’s something special. As I ... read more
Ethan_J_M -
I hadn’t listened to In Rainbows in a while until today, and now, it ranks over OK Computer for me. Now, it is not only my second favorite Radiohead album, but also my seventh favorite album of all time (yeah, you’ll start finding that I don’t only state an album’s ranking to me in my review on it if it’s in my top three, lol).

I was once told that In Rainbows is, in simple definition, “moody magic.” There couldn’t be a more perfect description ... read more


Nov 30, 2021
Hi! May I recommend the "Death to the Pixies" compilation because it is a great way to get into of the best indie bands. Otherwise, "To See The Next Part of the Dream" for a great 2021 release. Lastly, anything by The Cure! ~ Ruimtewezel
Nov 29, 2021
Feel free to suggest like any album to me. :)
Nov 24, 2021
Thank you for the suggestion! I've definitely heard a lot about his music but for some reason I've never gotten around to listening to it. I will for sure give both of those a listen at some point :) Another recommendation I have for you is melanchole by salvia palth. If you enjoyed Duster, I'm sure you'll like that one to some extent! Sad, but really relaxing and powerful songs
Nov 10, 2021
Yeah! I really like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I haven't heard anything else though so I shall give them more listens :) Ive heard a lot of good things though haha. I recommend checking out the album Stratosphere by the band Duster! One of my favorite slowcore albums, and it is super chill if you want to just relax :)


Music, am I right? :)

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