Muse - Muscle Museum
Is one of my top 5 Muse songs, and with the album title track, my favourite on Showbiz. It's just unique for me. Plus the b-sides are one of their best in their early career (specially Con-Science).
Muse - Cave
Another such an underrated track imo, one of my favourites on Showbiz.
Muse - Uno
Knowing that this is their first single, it's pretty good, always been one of my fav Showbiz tracks.
Muse - Sunburn
For the starter of their first album, this songs is amazing.
Muse - Unintended
It's a pretty good ballad, but it's just not my type of songs that I use to like.
Muse - Plug in Baby
Even with that iconic Plug in Baby riff, (here comes my hot take) I prefer Nature_1 and Spiral Static as overall songs. Tho PiB is still a classic Muse track.
Muse - New Born
Some say it's overrated, some that is one of their best songs. In this case, I'm with both sides, an stellar song can be overrated.
Muse - Bliss
Being my third favourite Muse track overall (just behind Citizen Erased and Showbiz) I just realised that this is my favourite Muse single.
Muse - Hyper Music / Feeling Good
Hard to rate this, cause I love Hyper Music, but Feeling Good is my least fav song on Origin of Symmetry. Even with that in mind, is still a superb cover.
Muse - Dead Star/In Your World
An EP/single with Dead Star, In Your World and Futurism can't be bad.

The cover song it's still a decent song too.

Muse - House of the Rising Sun
It's a pretty decent and quite heavy cover (for Muse).
Muse - Stockholm Syndrome
Making the top 5 alongside with Citizen Erased, Showbiz, Bliss and Muscle Museum.
Muse - Time Is Running Out
Ugh, I can't say it's bad either, but I think that in this moment this is my least favourite Absolution song
Muse - Hysteria
Pretty good song, that's true. But it's a bit overplayed for me, sorry
Muse - Sing For Absolution
This song still has a special place in my heart.
Muse - Apocalypse Please
This, on the other hand, is another one of my top 10 Muse songs. Loved it the first time, still loving it.
Muse - Butterflies And Hurricanes
Another of Muse's best songs, even if it's not my favourite one either.
Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
Hot take here, is not my favourite, is not even my fav song on the album, but I can't say that is one of their best composed songs ever.
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
The song that introduced me to my favourite band, back in 2006, and the one that would later change my life. Supermassive Black Hole being a lifechanger? It sounds absurd now, but that's how it was, and that's why I have a special affection for it.
Muse - Starlight
Even if I don't like this quite much, I can't say that is a bad song.
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