The National - Laugh Track
You people have no idea how much I have riding on this. Some of you think The National is a fucking game but I don't play about this shit. I need this. WE need this. Let's get it gang. I'll see you mfs on Apple Music, 12am CST sharp.
Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia
For whatever reason off the cover alone I associate this album with hipsters who always have dirt under their nails and smell like mud. I will not be listening🔥🔥🔥
LCD Soundsystem - The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live At Madison Square Garden
LCD Soundsystem makes party music for people who don’t go to parties
Slowdive - everything is alive
Albums like this make me want to keep living because if I died then it would mean I wouldn't be able to listen to this good ass album again
I love this album but at this point I need to stop listening to it because it actually makes me feel like a piece of trash and not in a good way
Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis
As someone who spent 18 years of their life in Memphis, when I am "walking in Memphis" it really doesn't feel anything like this and it feels more like you're about to die at any given second. Also I really think its funny how people who have never been to Memphis think Graceland is some glorious amazing place when in reality its just a big house in one of the trashiest parts of the whole city.
Michael Trapson - Billie Jean and I Dab
I see your studio version and I raise you a live version:

Yes I'm aware that he's just lipsyncing but its more about the principle and the fact that this song was at one point experienced by a decently sized group of people in a public setting.

Genesis Owusu - STRUGGLER
Struggler is probably the best roach-centric concept album I've ever heard. Do with this information what you will.

Favorite Tracks: Leaving The Light / The Roach / Freak Boy / Tied Up! / Stay Blessed / What Comes Will Come

Least Favorite Tracks: That's Life (A Swamp) / Stuck To The Fan

Mitski - Be the Cowboy
She'd be unstoppable if she could write songs over 2 minutes long and make albums over 35 minutes. Thats my one consistent problem with this album. While the songs at their core are all well-written and well-produced and overall are good ideas, more often than not it feels like Mitski is just speedrunning these super linear song progressions, leaving a lot of them feeling like demos. There are some highlights for sure, but those highlights are the tracks where Mitski can develop a song to the ... read more
Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
Man I wanted to love this. Sufjan is one of the few artists who I consider to have more than one 10/10 album, but this just didn't do it for me at all. The weird fusions of brass/orchestral instrumentation with the glitchy electronics and beats all over the album felt extremely tacky, and somehow I found Sufjan's vocals to really drag some of this album down. The autotuned passage on Impossible Soul was pretty unflattering to his voice and there are multiple other moments where it feels like ... read more
Michael Trapson - This Is Lit
Billie Jean and I Dab is truly a seminal piece of novelty music but it really sucks that the rest of the album isn't funny and the MJ impression only works on that one track.
Travis Scott - UTOPIA (1st Edition)
Ok so they replaced MELTDOWN (one of the best songs on the original album) with a mid ass Lil Uzi song (with one Travis verse), added unneeded verses to FE!N, and for some reason just made the beat on the first half of SKITZO sound like dogshit, then charged everyone $5 for it. And on top of all that, the 808 on TOPIA TWINS still clips and distorts the entire mix. Great.
Who let spongebob on the track
By Storm & Injury Reserve - Double Trio
WOW. This feels like almost a more upbeat take on the sound of BTTIGTP. The production is still as demented and difficult to grab hold of as BTTIGTP, but it feels more like a step forward and less drowned in its own sorrow in the way BTTIGTP was. If the entirety of whatever the By Storm project ends up being sounds like this then it could be another classic.
Travis Scott - UTOPIA
I remember watching a Fantano Let's Argue in early 2021 where someone said that Utopia would mark a shift into the "next era" of Hip Hop. At the time, I thought this was a stupid take because Travis didn't seem like the person who would undergo a radical shift in sound, and trap/psych-trap still seemed to be prevailing in popular music and there wouldn't be much of a reason for Travis to change. Two and a half years later, Utopia is here, and I think I was proven a bit wrong.

Utopia ... read more

blackbear - ANONYMOUS
Last time I listened to this was 2020 but at least once a month I remember how on the last song blackbear writes "And I'll be asleep by the time you're awake" in reference to a long-distance relationship between New York and LA, where the time difference is literally 3 fucking hours
Dream & Yung Gravy - Everest
Dream -> Lil Aaron -> Ethel Cain

Pipeline formed

Post Malone - AUSTIN
This album is far from unique but somehow hits all the right buttons for me.. when the mixes don't sound absolutely horrendous. I'm not always a huge "Ooooh but the mixing!" kind of guy, but this album brought it out of me. It consistently goes for a super reverb-y and ethereal Indie Pop sound which I would really enjoy if the kicks didn't either clip the entire song (in the case of Enough is Enough) or sit so heavily on everything else in the track (in the case of Sign Me Up and ... read more
Big Thief - Vampire Empire
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On The National - Laugh Track
"i’m generally pretty generous with my track ratings and i don’t treat my album ratings as a tracklist average or anything, more of a “i know it when i hear it” kinda thing. plus the original track ratings i had up were from my first listen so i've lowered a few of them since"
On Swans - The Beggar
"They’ve been touring in Europe for a few weeks playing stuff from this album and from everything I’ve heard its great live, but good videos are hard to come by with the nature of Swans live shows lol"
On black midi - Hellfire
"@Jiltedhoptile Dangerous Liaisons is still a great track but just compared to the tracks right before and after it I found it a bit underwhelming"

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