Apr 15, 2019
I’m honestly only really leaving a comment here because I think it’s rather outrageous that some people are spamming it with low numbers for no reason (ie I saw someone claim that seeing the album getting promoted means its quality = 0/100 ... like what? how else will people find music?). By the way this is in no way aimed at the valid and well explained criticism I have seen - since I enjoy reading these very much!

May I just say that I am not a fan of kpop - the manufactured groups and lyrics haven’t ever been able to move me - but BTS are the exception. They are a Korean group of 7 men who have created 96% of their entire discography. Each member has writing or producing or composing credits on at least a handful of songs and they compete to see whose version is better. For this reason, their music should be considered authentic - a trait that I sorely miss seeing in the mainstream stars of the worldwide industry.

When examining the album itself, I believe that by dabbling across various genres, they have created a work that is a testament to their historically versatile discography, and furthermore the persona that this musical record gives the group to the outside world. Their records span everything from EDM to Hip Hop to Ballads to Rock to RnB, making it difficult to put them down as a group as belonging to one singular Genre.

Given BTS’ history with eras of albums - and their heavy hints about The Jungian Philosophy - I went into this album expecting to hear music about the world’s perception of them as people (their “persona” as a band) and any concerns they may have about that public image. They fulfilled this concept across the 7 track mini - and so, although I am rather cold to track 4 and so will only give this a rough 9/10 on my scale, I believe they should be praised for successfully and inventively tackling a rather unusual subject.

I hope that anyone who sees this webpage, or even those who have commented their fair line or too, enjoys listening to this album and does not enter it with prejudice or a misconceived idea of what BTS is like or what the album or their “sound” is supposed to be.

(Additionally, judging an artist on their fans is kinda dumb; I really just have to add this in. For example, some of The Beatles’ fans can be awfully pretentious and occupy many Music review sites as critics but it’d be foolish to generalise their fanbase as a whole or hate the band for that. In my experience, BTS fans have been nice & welcoming so long as you don’t come out with something racist/prejudiced)
Apr 15, 2019
Thank you for you words
Apr 15, 2019
Thank you for your review.
Apr 15, 2019
Apr 15, 2019
It's more about the idea that you all have put very little effort into making this site the best it can be before now. It's like all of our efforts mean nothing.
Apr 15, 2019
BTS are the worst k-pop group, GIRLS GENERATION are the best ha ha ha
Apr 15, 2019
Then how the fuck is it okay for you guys are spamming it with high numbers just so you can have your opinions validated
Apr 15, 2019
@nijakiler17 bEcAusE It'S thE cORREct OpiNioN
Apr 16, 2019
LMAO people you're not even listening to the album and listen to the song fully with lyrics u dumbos then you'll understand why that album is very good
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