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Parcels - Famous
Nov 11
Ari Lennox - PHO
Ari Lennox
Nov 11

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evylC -
Incredible work from Bruno and Anderson! So glad this turned out as groovy, smooth, and technically flawless as it did. I guess there’s something to say about its lack of “risk taking” but hey I’m not complaining with how tight this project was. Critics better wake up lol

Intro 85
Leave the Door Open 100
Fly as Me 95
After Last Night 100
Smokin Out the Window 100
Put on a Smile 90
777 80
Skate 90
Blast Off 100

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evylC -
I like to call this “the only album that matters,” not because it is my favorite album ever (although it’s up there), but because of its sheer dominance and influence in pop culture.

Maybe a few albums touch the quality, energy, technical perfection, singing performances, and catchiness of this one.

Maybe a few albums match the cultural impact and pure sales, where everyone knows just about every song off this, let alone one or two, because it was just that big.

Maybe a ... read more
evylC -
This is one of my most anticipated albums of the year, and do they deliver!

I'm so impressed by the growth Parcels has shown since their (already great) first album three years ago. That album still feels fresh today, so I was really interested in seeing what they would do for their next project. I never expected anything like this.

A double-album could carry so much baggage, and it requires an incredibly tight concept and even tighter execution. And all these expectations are placed on a ... read more
evylC -
I don’t get the hate over this album.

It’s super bubbly, full of personality, lays bare the artist’s fears and trauma without coming off pretentiously, and fully realizes its concepts of strength and passion. The music is catchy and boundary-pushing with glitch and electro pop elements clashing with wobbly strings. Ariana Grande’s singing is on point, hitting notes that few other singers in pop can hit (while recovering from vocal injuries!). And lastly and most ... read more
evylC -

MAFIA - 8.0

Solid duo, these will bump in the car for sure

Some darker production and lyricism, wish there was an “it” factor for both songs. The beats, while not bad, needed some more force. But nice return


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