Denzel Curry - ZUU
May 31, 2019
This is the type of album Denzel Curry was destined to make. Since starting in Rvidxr Klvn back in 2011, the South Florida flavor has come and gone from project to project. ZUU is 100%, unapologetically Miami Dade. This is my AOTY so far because there isn't a single dud. Speedboat is my least favorite track but its far from weak. This is the album I'm gonna be bumping all summer.
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May 31, 2019
I imagine being a local adds a level of sentiment too
May 31, 2019
Woah surprised you like it that much, definitely an album to bump in the summer time
May 31, 2019
i wish i was from flordia so i could enjoy this more
May 31, 2019
as a florida native...i agree heavily this is my fave project from him, this shit is so miami its crazy
May 31, 2019
Yup this for the Floridians fo sho
May 31, 2019
she said "sjw gives a n*gger high rating nothing new" @rob can we get a ban or something
May 31, 2019
Would definitely support a ban too. Her existence here might be comedic, but her words are just hateful and at this at this point this dumb the opinion generator is coming up with the same shit time and time again. I think the batteries are low, so it's best just to put this one out.
May 31, 2019
Also, if anyone thinks I'm being harsh, I have zero sympathy for someone that manages to be racist, homophobic, anti-Palestine, and somehow anti-semitic at the same time
May 31, 2019
And at this point this dumb opinion generator*
Jun 1, 2019
i mean surprisingly anti-palestine and anti-semitism seem to cross over a lot
Jun 1, 2019
I think she's just anti-everyone tbh
Jun 1, 2019
vanchromo can i get a translation of the last two comments please
Jun 1, 2019
Eh, I'll translate them
Jun 1, 2019
First one: "it's funny to watch rats discuss me and pray to ban me. but I can still have a bunch of accounts and put your ni**as on zeros. you are only provocateurs without taste" loooooool ok then.
Jun 1, 2019
the other one "">anti-palestine because islam monkeys hate white people, abuse womans and LGBGJBGHBGT. in our country do not need religious morons who do not respect other people""
Jun 1, 2019
Second one: ">anti-palestine because islam monkeys hate white people, abuse womans and LGBGJBGHBGT. in our country do not need religious morons who do not respect other people"
Jun 1, 2019
oh fuck im so sorry
Jun 1, 2019
Ok, you got there first
Jun 1, 2019
Look @createaccount imma try to be reasonable with you even though you're probably just a troll who thinks you're being a comedian, but this is a fucking music discussion website. You views are questionable, but if you want to still have them whatever, I can't stop that, but surely you can have them on a place more appropriate. This is fucking AOTY. Simply, we are here to talk about music and rarely politics, only if politics is part of that artist's music. Using the n-word like that and...
Jun 1, 2019
being completely homophobic is fucking dumb, but go on Twitter then if you want to still say shit, like that. I'm sure there are a bunch of people just like you that'll love to hear what you're saying, but there's a reason people are either against you, or just completely laughing at you here and it's because what you're saying is completely stupid to us and is not needed.
Jun 1, 2019
Also, if anyone wants to know her comments just go to and scroll to the bottom
Jun 1, 2019
"rats rats rats"
Jun 2, 2019
we're the rats
Jun 2, 2019
thank you
Jun 3, 2019
Jun 6, 2019
completely agree this album is such a banger
Jun 20, 2019
agreed bro, this album does well in what it sets out to do
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