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Sep 13, 2019
Anyone who listened to Charli XCX's leaked project XCX World can see the ambition she had to create a cohesive album. I think Charli has been largely thought of as a singles artist for the past few years due to various label/leak/other issues, along with many of the singles she has put out (ex. Boys, 1999) being very popular on their own and did not need to be put on a project. But Charli isn't just gonna sit around and drop banger singles all the time, sometimes she's got to put a ton of bangers together and create one megabanger of an album.
From the futuristic rapping of Next Level Charli to the beautiful vocals and harmonies with HAIM on Warm and even to the re-purposed track that is Blame It On Your Love (which has grown on me), and the mostly whisper-rap song Shake It, Charli XCX is not afraid to try new things - most of which work out pretty well. Her songwriting has matured and strayed away from the "ice cubes on our tongues" type lines, but Charli does not forget to have fun, bouncing along the beats singing about Love, instability, and nostalgia. Charli is a style over substance album, but Charli XCX has never been a "substance" centered artist: she's here to make you dance and enjoy yourself.
I started listening to Charli way back in 2013, when I was in middle school. Frankly, the majority of the music I enjoyed then does not meet my standards today, most of it being corny pop rock and pop rap. But Charli has stayed with me through thick and thin. She has matured along with her fanbase, leaving the radio-pop found on Sucker in the past and experimenting, which is why her name has not fallen from the minds of pop listeners everywhere. Charli really is what the future of pop music will sound like.

fav tracks: Next Level Charli, Cross You Out, White Mercedes, Click, Shake It
least fav track: Official

Love the review!
thanks a lot! I love naan bread.
Just saw this reply now, thanks!
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