Taylor Swift - Lover
Aug 27, 2019
As a fan of Taylor Swift since that Romeo and Juliet song from 2008, I've really loved her music since she went pop. The biggest few pop singles from Red (We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, 22) were so infectious that I still have them memorized to this day. 1989 was great, everything I expected and wanted from a 100% Pop Taylor Swift. That album I regularly go back to, and I will probably still listen to it for years. Her songwriting is so catchy and fun, consistently begging for the listener to sing along. Sure it's immature and simple, but I believe that is made up for by the sugar sweet melodies and choruses woven throughout Taylor's songs.
Lover is just an improved 1989. Taylor hasn't changed any fundamentals of her sound and is sticking to a very clean, energetic synthpop for the majority of the record. If Red was Taylor dipping her feet into the pop waters, then 1989 was her first lap around the pool and Lover is her winning the 500 meter freestyle. She's just made a dozen and a half songs proving false all doubts I previously had. Her songwriting still isn't perfect and can be cringy at times (The Man) but it still isn't enough to get me to skip the song - except for Me. The song structures are by-the-book pop arrangements with a verse, bridge, chorus, repeat pattern most of the time. The production is fantastic, most of it at the helm of pop superproducer (he's earned that title at this point) Jack Antonoff and fellow mastermind Joel Little. The stretch of tracks from The Archer to London Boy is my favorite piece of Lover, and in my opinion are among the best songs of Taylor's career. A little bit of steam is lost in the final third of the album, but I still think that Me! is the only bad song. When I finished this, I was surprised an hour had already gone by and felt like I could just loop it over again.
This is pop AOTY and I don't think anyone else will beat it this year, and DEFINITELY not someone in the mainstream.

fav tracks: Cruel Summer, The Archer, Miss American & the Heartbreak Prince, Paper Rings, Cornelia Street, London Boy

and yes, I pretend that Reputation never happened
Soryy :( just realized I definitely did not like this as much as So Much Fun
exception, i didn't know u were a swifitie xD
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