Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
May 8, 2016 (updated Jul 4, 2016)
EDIT: I have yet to go back through AMSP in its entirety since my first couple listens after it dropped. Still very good, but hasn't stuck with me like a few other releases of this year have.

the continuously innovative, and arguably one of the best bands of all time, Radiohead releases a new record that comes almost out of nowhere, although they announced a tour and mysteriously deleted their internet presence. and what came from this commotion is one of the greatest albums of the 2010's.
the album is a fusion of genres; which mainly consist of experimental and electronic/chamber pop (although nothing on this album is particularly "poppy", however i was reminded of artists like Sufjan Stevens at certain times). with his calm and fragile voice, Thom Yorke's singing is what makes A Moon Shaped Pool such a terrific listen. there are points on this album where it is as if his voice almost dissolves into the instrumentation, which only adds to the enigmatic character of this record. there is also a lot more electronic production than the traditional guitars and drums that were on Radiohead's earliest releases.
what, in essence, we got in A Moon Shaped Pool is one of the most chilling and ethereal albums of the decade. every aspect of this record is refreshing and immensely enjoyable. from track one to track 11, it remains a remarkable and consistent project; one that doesnt come around all too often.

fav tracks: burn the witch (standout, one of my favorite tracks of this year), the numbers, tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor man beggar man thief, ful stop
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May 8, 2016
tfw you wake up to a new radiohead album with fucking true love waits as the closer
May 8, 2016
i really slept on radiohead in the past. i dont know what was wrong with me when i listened to ok computer and kid a for the first times, that stuff is magical.
May 9, 2016
really enjoy your reviews bud
May 9, 2016
great review mate
May 9, 2016
thanks so much deepsleep and scott96k! I really appreciate that.
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