Twenty One Pilots - Vessel
Jul 14, 2015
OHMYGOD ITS SO FORMULAIC I LITERALLY CAN'T LISTEN TO THIS NONSTOP OR I WILL THROW UP. the beats are extremely similar, the "rapping" is a bad mix with the weird wannabe alternative beats. I used to think this was a good band, but they have nothing special about them. WOW YOU'RE RAPPING ABOUT DEPRESSION OVER AN ELECTRONIC BEAT??? EDGY!!! NONONONO!! a few of these songs i enjoyed, but they were all so similar and generic. the christian undertones were also a bit too much to take. if you listen carefully and do some research, they do set them purposefully, and i find it really really fucking annoying. these guys have potential if they change their shit up and buckle down. i couldn't get through blurryface, and i will not be reviewing it either, its even worse than this. this band is all hype, really not impressive. i would give this LP lower, but some songs i liked, most were just too same. house of gold was a track that was unnecessary and flat out stupid. you might have well just said "i love my mom" and ended it at that. really dreaded this LP, it's for teenagers who think they are being rebellious and think they have terrible lives when they are really just middle class teenagers. in addition, "the run and go"'s chorus sounds exactly like that of third eye blind's "semi charmed life" there is no substance to this, and in 10 years no one will remember twenty one pilots.
decent tracks: car radio, holding on to you, semi automatic
disgusting songs: house of gold, truce, fake you out, trees
EDIT: changing the score because i cant even anymore
Feb 17, 2018
Car Radio is literally their only half way decent track they've ever made, and I mean half way cause only the first half is listenable the little "wub wub wub wub wub" crying it's way to the end of the song made me want to die.
Mar 14, 2018
If a few of the songs are good, then why did you give it a 1/100 instead of like a 30?
Mar 14, 2018
check the edit at the end. i originally had it around 30.
Mar 15, 2018
Oh I didn't see the edit
Jan 22, 2019
It's a harmless pop record. I don't think you need to be this aggressive lol
Nov 11, 2019
You scored this lower than A2TC... I have no idea what to think of that lol
Nov 11, 2019
@Riskr these are some of the reasons why you're an icon and a legend on this site
Nov 11, 2019
@okcomputer12127 Is this sarcasm? I assume so but I'm so confused.
Nov 11, 2019
if not, thanks i guess...
Nov 11, 2019
@Riskr it isn't, you're a really nice person, and are really underrated on this site
Nov 11, 2019
@okcomputer12127 oh, thanks, cool.
Jan 21, 2020
Not worth a 1😬 but I respect your opinion... lmao
Apr 9, 2020
This aged like milk.
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