Show Me The Body - CORPUS I
May 12, 2017
Adding more electronic production to their music and opting for a guest-packed hip hop project, Show Me The Body's Corpus is a very confusing record for me. On one hand, they have some tracks that go absolutely hard as fuck; great beats and great bars. But on the other, the inconsistency of the project makes it difficult to really understand the specific direction that the band was hoping to take.
The first few songs really focus on aggressive and noisy production with very raw and primal vocals, including those from the guests. The majority of the featured on this project are local rappers and singers from New York, but the most well known artist, Denzel Curry, is also present. After the first few tracks, SMTB begins to feel less like the main component of Corpus, but rather the organizers of a collaborative tape. Had they made themselves felt more often, I really think that this mixtape could have shined bright.
With all of these flaws said, Corpus I is still a pretty impressive and enjoyable tape. Show Me The Body has found a general direction that they want to move in as a band, but if they want to excel at it, they need to cut down the wide range of different sounds found on the tape and choose one to polish up and perfect. There is nothing but brewing potential in these guys, and I think they can pick up where Death Grips left off, and create some really genre bending, boundary pushing hip hop and punk music.

fav tracks: Halogen (standout), In A Grave, I'm On It, Cyba Slam fif world dance party, Spit
least fav tracks: Everything Hate, Why you lying
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