Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
Jul 12, 2017 (updated May 23, 2019)
EDIT: All of the comments I've gotten since changing the rating to 25 only prove that Tyler's fanbase is absolute fucking cancer. I actually wrote a longer review of this album for a different website at the time of release. Read this instead of continuing to make dumbass comments on this review: https://soulfeederweb.com/tyler-the-creator-flower-boy-album-review/

I was really harsh on Cherry Bomb, to say the least. It was a messy and poorly produced album that had no real sense of identity. Tyler as a rapper was not very interesting in both his delivery and lyrical content, which wasn't made any easier to listen to with the production choices. Looking back, I might have been too harsh on Cherry Bomb, but it really disappointed me because of all the artistic potential that Tyler has.
Since Scum Fuck Flower Boy leaked, all of the talk has been about Tyler's apparent coming out as gay on the tracks I Ain't Got Time and Garden Shed. I don't want to focus on this in my review, but I think it's a cool way for him to be honest about himself to his fans (if this is all true, because it's still all speculations). It sets the tone for a more personal and introspective project, different from a lot of Tyler's work since Wolf.
Where Cherry Bomb couldn’t tell if it wanted to be a hardcore hip hop album or a neo-soul/hip hop fusion album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy is much more focused, and builds upon the neo-soul sound that Tyler previously explored. Throughout the album there is a smooth, mellowed-out style of production (with a few exceptions) which is surprisingly complimented by Tyler’s somewhat gritty flow. Some of the tracks have piano lines, choirs and backing vocals, and funky synths, all new things for Tyler, The Creator’s music, and most of which are done well, sounding thought out and polished.
My biggest turn-off from most of the music that Tyler has put out is his immature, edgy lyrics that sound kind of ridiculous when I actually read them. Flower Boy shows his movement into more meaningful and appealing lyrics, with a revolving theme of loneliness. Within that general idea of loneliness and interactions with others, Tyler explores his affection for cars, his sexuality, and toned-down versions of what he used to rap.
Some of the more underwhelming areas of Scum Fuck Flower Boy are songs that have potential but fail to fully build on them, like Glitter and Potholes. Each song has a repetitive chorus and goes for about a minute longer than it should have been; all that needed to be stripped away was extra instrumental time or the final hook. The Golf Radio skits that pop up here and there are a really awkward feature which either needed to be added in more or completely stripped from the album.
Tyler, The Creator still isn’t really among the best rappers out there right now, despite what tons of teenagers would tell you. He still can be corny and explicit for no apparent reason, but it’s all a part of his character. Scum Fuck Flower Boy shows how he has changed as an artist in the 8 years that he’s been putting out music, and how focusing on one main sound can result in a great album.

fav tracks: See You Again, Garden Shed, November, 911 / Mr. Lonely
least fav tracks: Glitter, Who Dat Boy (not a bad song at all, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the album in terms of sound)
Jan 6, 2018
but it still gets a 25 even being his best?
Jan 6, 2018
i believe that this objectively deserves anything from 70-90 but due to associated memories and shit I have with this i can't listen to it anymore.
Jan 6, 2018
I understand you, man. same thing with xiu xiu's forget for me
Jan 7, 2018
What happened!
Jan 8, 2018
What do you mean by associated memories?
Jan 8, 2018
Bashing the album's score because of your memories? What?
Jan 8, 2018
Jan 8, 2018
yeah in hindsight i could have just left the score the same but whatever
Jan 10, 2018
this review is trash as fuck lmfao
Jan 10, 2018
love you man
Mar 15, 2018
I love how people don't know that reviews are personal opinions. I give this a 9/10 but I see why you gave it that score. It's just an opinion guys.
Apr 26, 2018
Apr 26, 2018
Did someone steal yo girl when this dropped?
Apr 28, 2018
not quite
May 1, 2018
confusing why the number has to change when you don't think less of the album
May 21, 2018
wow this is just like when kanye west said black people can’t be democrats
Jul 6, 2018
Bruh did ur girl break up with u when this came out or something
Sep 26, 2018
THis is why straight people shouldnt be allowed to listen to music
Nov 29, 2018
Don't let your experiences or memories change your review of an album. It's just unfair to the artist. Especially Tyler, who has gone from mediocre or bad projects to this amazing collection of tracks that i would heavily consider to be the best that 2017 had to offer. I appreciate you actually explaining your reasons for the horrible score, but the review still comes off as biased
Dec 22, 2018
lol what
Feb 9, 2019
I get this, I don't like atrocity exhibition as much because of asociated memories.
Mar 22, 2019
Mar 31, 2019
Apr 10, 2019
How the fuck are you letting your personal memories change the score of the album? what the fuck? lmao
May 15, 2019
I'm expecting a 5/100 for Igor
May 16, 2019
ok i get how this can be annoying my bad for the cherry bomb review shit
May 21, 2019
>This album is pretty good
May 23, 2019
You’re the worst reviewer on this site. Fuck off.
May 30, 2019
This ain’t it chief keef
May 30, 2019
imagine getting mad over a simple score lol

you guys need to chill out and give the man a break
Jun 9, 2019
Your name is Ryan? Ryan? Not a bad name at all, just Ryan? Wasn't expecting that at all.

I know there's other things to be talked about, but Ryan? Actually, I share the same name as a fucking train, so I shouldn't talk.
Jun 14, 2019
Disagree but I don't wanna be part of the cancer so have a nice day sir
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