Brockhampton - Saturation II
Sep 4, 2017
Ever since Brockhampton released those four fantastic singles in May, they have been on the radar of pretty much everyone that listens to rap music. Saturation was by far my most-listened to album of the summer; with everything from the beats to lyrics deeply resonating with me and never boring me even after 50 listens. And the fact that a handful of guys put it all together in only a month? Yeah, Brockhampton is something special.
So, I decided to take my time with Saturation II after it dropped. Artists that hit this hard twice in a single season of one year deserve to get a little more time to really digest what has been given. Regardless of what you think of the album, the work ethic of these guys is insane; after releasing an album that really put them on the map, they just went back to the factory and made an even better project.
I was hesitant going into Saturation II because the singles, yet again, were so impressive. Brockhampton could have run out of steam and put the best shit out first, but thankfully they didn't. With the singles spread out across the project, the songs that are between them impress me just as much. Queer, very similar to Bump from Saturation, is a banger packed with energy and charisma, only for it all to dissolve by the chorus, which slows down the whole track and sets a tone for the rest of the LP.
Brockhampton proves their strength with hooks on this entire album, most notably on Swamp, Tokyo, and Sweet (which just might be the most well-rounded, essential Brockhampton song). Fight shows the group taking a more serious turn, exhibiting the issue of racism, black heritage, and ultimately empowerment over the problem. Gamba, Sunny, and Summer are probably the lightest songs on the album, all winding down with relaxed production and more of an emphasis on melody, especially bearface's solo Summer.
The major difference between Saturation and Saturation II is how each artist is used. The first installment revolved around Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, and Dom McLennon, with them acting as some sort of leading-figures for the rest of the group. Saturation II is where Brockhampton comes together and sounds like the boyband that they claim to be, varying artists more often and switching up the sounds very often. Matt Champion and Joba really made their marks on this album, both of them being included more often and bringing their best, from Matt's opening verse on Queer and bridge on Swamp, to Joba's verse on Sweet and intro to Tokyo. Merlyn Wood is still an awkward character in the group; he stands out the most with his accent and scream-like delivery, but has yet to have a verse that really hits me, his best being on Junky. Ameer remains incredible throughout the entire LP, with his standout moment being on his solo track Teeth. The first verse on the album, Kevin's on Gummy, might be the best that has been on any Saturation installment yet.
So in short, I am left speechless for the second time this summer. Brockhampton has figured out their niche of unique and catchy hip hop that stands out from literally every single other release in the genre this year. While there are no lyrical moments that need to be further read into, nor are there any insanely innovative beats, the youthful excitement and passion that these kids from Texas have is enough to turn the rap industry upside down.

fav tracks: Gummy, Queer, Swamp, Tokyo, Sweet (standout)
least fav track: Jello
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