Ghostemane - Plagues
Apr 23, 2019
Since the forums on this website are pretty much dead, I want to use this review to initiate a discussion on regional underground hip hop. Underground stuff is where I find there to be the most artistic risk taken in order to make yourself heard, and in time the underground makes a huge impact on the mainstream. Prove me wrong, show me a fire scene of lesser-known rappers.

I've been pretty vocal about South Florida being the clear front-runner in underground hip hop, largely due to SoundCloud rap pretty much being pioneered in Broward and Miami. Ghotemane here is one of the few big names from my home of Palm Beach County, 561 til I fucking die. He's actually from the same town as me, but his music didn't really make waves in the area because guys like XXXtentacion and Wifisfuneral were the big names around here from 2014-2018. Never heard of his hardcore band either. But now Mr. Mane is fucking huge, as he created his own style of hip hop and has a worldwide audience. There's always obscure little rap shows going on down here, and I wish I was able to see Ghostemane when he put one on.
Wifisfuneral, who isn't as big as he used to be, was a PBC icon. He was the one organizing shows and putting other local rappers on the bill, including kids from my fucking high school. Some Kids at my school sold tickets for $15 and if they sold enough, they might get a chance to perform. One of these, in late 2015, was at a random ass bar in West Palm. Wifi brought out XXX, Ski Mask the Slump God, Kid Trunks, and some other Broward guys that you would never see all in one place anymore, and definitely not for less than 20 bucks. Wild shit, nobody would have thought that these guys would be touring all over the country in a couple years. There's also meme rappers you might have heard of, like Lil Toenail and Soldier Kidd (guy who got blamed with killing X). Soldier Kidd went to school right down the street from me last year, and he's actually a huge fucking dumbass; most people around the area knew he didn't kill anybody and was only staying quiet to get some clout. Jay O Sama is pretty fire too. Wifi and Ghostemane are probably the biggest from PBC, at least of those that I can think of right now.
Broward? Well there's Kodak Black, XXX, Ski Mask, Robb Bank$, Glokknine, YNW Melly (lol), Craig Xen, etc. Broward is the most recent hub of underground rap. Kodak & other Haitian rappers are pretty much the reason that BC is poppin. Haitian drill isn't given the attention it deserves because almost all of the rappers are deep into gangs and put more energy into hitting licks instead of making hits. There isn't much for me to say about these guys that most of you don't already know, which is my strongest point for Broward being the best place for the underground.
I don't feel right speaking on Miami, because that's a completely different world from PBC and Broward. But it is the home of the one and only RVIDER KLVN, a group I would argue has had the most influence into the mainstream today. Smokepurrp and Lil Pump are from Miami as well, though I hate seeing that they're the biggest names from the area, mostly because they have done NOTHING to further the genre and only promote the negative aspects of the culture. Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, while mainstream as hell, are very well respected in the area because they do a lot to better the county and they are the first to bring attention to the South Florida scene.

Rambling over. I can go on and on, but want to hear what you guys have to say about other parts of the country. None of that shitty midwestern "underground" like Atmosphere though.
Apr 23, 2019
this is one of the shows in WPB.
Apr 23, 2019
Brudda present'n!
Apr 23, 2019
thank you for bringing up regional street rap, i feel like that scene gets overshadowed on this website, and in general, by whatever fantano reviewed lately/whatever the trendy taste-makers say is cool. as for SF/BC i really like kodak, glokknine, & melly, and i knew who wifi was in like 2015 but never really listened to his stuff. haven't dug into much else from south florida tho. idk if it's apparent from my reviews lately but i've been listening to detroit rap more than anything lately.......
Apr 23, 2019
...admittedly i'm from the area but i still think outsiders can appreciate it. guys like sada baby, fmb dz, bandgang masoe/lonnie/etc, peezy, payroll, beno & drego, babyface ray, allstar jr, dame dot, and there's dozens more if you just go down a youtube rabbit hole and find them. there's definitely variety, but there's also a consistent sound and approach to rapping throughout the city that you'll recognize if you listen to a few songs.
outside of detroit.............
Apr 23, 2019
the bay area and la are great too, and there's a bigger media presence there so it's easier for artists to blow up. sob x rbe have gotten pretty big, but they're consistent. daboii had one of my favorite solo projects last year. 03 greedo & drakeo made great music before they got locked up. shoreline mafia has their moments.
Apr 23, 2019
overall, there's just so much good regional rap out there, and if you're willing to dig deep it's a rewarding experience. why wait 3 years for schoolboy q/kendrick/asap rocky/[insert adult contemporary rapper here] to drop an album when there's dozens of rappers right next to you constantly making music that's just as good or even better.
Apr 24, 2019
I’ve heard a fair amount about the Detroit scene but haven’t listened to any artists belonging to it. that’ll be one to check out next. on Bay/LA rap, yeah they’ve been killing it recently. i got into Greedo after the wolf of grape street, he’s definitely one of the better rappers from out there imo.
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