Jan 19, 2020
as well as pioneering synthpop, kraftwerk paved the way for 2000s post punk revival on the first word of this album
Jan 8, 2020
might try not to die this time ngl
Dec 16, 2019
yeah i'm alive
Nov 10, 2019
shut up.

But yeah seriously, I've kind of fallen back in love with this. If you put the slight fake wokeness and occasionally cringy lyrics aside, this is a fun pop album and who ever said an album needs to be more than that to be great?
Nov 8, 2019
nah screw going with the crowd i hate this so much
Nov 7, 2019
shut up
Oct 21, 2019
this is a really strong and creative debut, but tbh i'd be lying if i said it was coming anywhere near my favourites of the year
Oct 20, 2019
A youtuber album that doesn't suck????
Oct 19, 2019
Listened to this as I'm seeing Ana support Weyes Blood in a few days, I'm not blown away or anything but I do see potential in her
Oct 19, 2019
jesus this just clicked so hard
Oct 19, 2019
See there are some really great tracks here but jesus christ did it really have to be an hour
Oct 18, 2019
They're still capable of making good music after all...
Oct 18, 2019
lol i'm not listening to this i don't want TSOPTC ruined

also holy cow the album art is awful
Oct 18, 2019
preordered the CD to get early access to tickets for their UK tour so I'm gonna wait til it comes
Oct 12, 2019
Post rock is still supposed to be interesting, yknow?
Oct 10, 2019
Found this on the top of a random person's chart on /mu/ and man that website is good for something after all
Oct 8, 2019
this is definitely far from the best album of the year, but it sure is the most addictive

my sputnik sweetheart SOTY tho
Oct 7, 2019
Just accidentally stumbled across this band from my home city of Nottingham, UK, and wow, this is genuinely pretty good! It's far from anything totally mind blowing, however if you're looking for a fun psychedelic pop album there's one right here!
Oct 6, 2019
It's official: watching an artist reach their full potential is the most fulfilling thing a person can do. Angel Olsen is somebody I'd always had high hopes for: albums such as 2016's My Woman showcased Olsen as a creative songwriter with a lot of ambition, however her voice and production styles often struggled to stand out in the vast sea of indie rock. This album, however, is something else entirely. In many ways, it's a departure from her guitar-orientated earlier works, however her ... read more
Oct 2, 2019
diet stereolab but like its fronted by a stereolab member so it's allowed
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