Jun 3, 2017
"You're Welcome" is a Wavves album through and through--without the catchy choruses.

Notable Songs: "Daisy"; "Dreams of Grandeur"
May 28, 2017
A jarring look into the most uncomfortable of subjects...

Notable Songs: The entire album
May 26, 2017
A no-frills look at depression, loss, and grieving. The simplicity and straightforwardness are what makes this album so special--and powerful.

Notable Songs: The entire album
Apr 25, 2017
Not quite the torrential force Duterte exhibited on her debut, but nonetheless, "Everybody Works" is yet another reason to jump on Jay Som's bandwagon.

Notable Songs: "The Bus Song"; "One More Time, Please"; "(BedHead)"
Apr 25, 2017
It sounds like The Shins, but where have the melodies gone? It's like someone else's material covered by The Shins, and the material isn't all that good.

Notable Songs: "Name for You"; "Dead Alive"
Apr 22, 2017
Deliciously fun.

Notable Songs: "Hot Thoughts"; "WhisperI'lllistentohearit"; "First Caress"; "I Ain't the One"; "Tear It Down"
Apr 16, 2017
The most heartfelt Bada$$ record, yet.

Apr 16, 2017
Notable Songs: "Breakdown"; "Orgasm Addict"; "Lester Sands (Drop in the Ocean)"
Apr 16, 2017
It's fun at times; but for the most part, it's a collection of childish odes and hallow stories flanked by an earful of power pop thrashing.

Notable Song: "Sixteen"
Apr 16, 2017
A glammier So-So Glos album...Oh, that's a good thing by the way.

Notable Songs: "Judy French"; "Little Silver Cross"; "Crystal Pistol"; "Tell Me"; "Another Day"
Apr 16, 2017
What better time to release a religiously themed album circulating around life and death than Good Friday? Point and fact: "DAMN." is yet another blockbuster production by Lamar. Kendrick showcases his talent without the need to weave an intricate story through the background (i.e. GKMC, TPAB). Although his story-telling prowess is sorely missed, it's refreshing to have a LP where each song can stand on its own merit; and there's plenty of merit to go around.

Notable Songs: The ... read more
Apr 16, 2017
If Real Estate and Parquet Courts had a baby, this would be the result. A beautifully uplifting EP, encapsulating the very best of the psychedelic, jangle, indie rock scene. Although nowhere near the performance as "Talk Tight", "The French Press" is a solid step in a new direction for a very under-appreciated band.

Notable Songs: "French Press"; "Julie's Place"; "Sick Bug"; "Dig Up"
Apr 14, 2017
"Ruminations" is expanded and interwoven with new material. Unfortunately, many of the highlights are from "Ruminations", and the few good new additions don't make up for the majority that fall flat.

Notable Songs: "Too Late to Fixate"; "Next of Kin"; "Napalm"; "Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)"; "Barbary Coast (Later)"; "Tachycardia"; "You All Loved Him Once"; "A Little Uncanny"
Apr 9, 2017
While it lacks melodies, radio-friendly singles and a Lips story to tell, "Oczy Mlody" should not be dismissed so readily by listeners. The artistry of attempting to convey meaningless should be at the forefront of the discussion; it's truly mesmerizing--at times.

Notable Songs: "How??"; "Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)"; "Nigdy Nie (Never No)"; "Listening to the Frogs With Demon Eyes"; "The Castle"; "We a Family"
Apr 9, 2017
The Proper Ornaments must have time-traveled from the 60's-70's psych pop scene, because they perfectly encapsulate the beginnings of that sound. However, "Foxhole" is an album that urges little remembrance from the listener. It'll seduce you into a dream-like state, and then--like your dreams--be forgotten the following day.

Notable Songs: "Cremated (Blown Away)"; "1969"
Apr 9, 2017
Remnants of Louis Armstrong's voice...

Notable Songs: "Breeze (Since I Was Born"; "Rye Wish"; "Somewhere a Meteor Calls Me"; "Arrows"
Mar 19, 2017
A solid start that begins to taper off towards the end. The talent is there though, so here's toward hoping Migos's third album showcases what they are truly capable of.

Notable Songs: "T-Shirt"; "Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)"; "Deadz (feat. 2 Chainz)"
Mar 19, 2017
Truly a shame, for it would be a fantastic album if all the fat were cut; namely, all tracks besides the first two...

Notable Songs: "Dopamine Lit (Intro)"; "NGL (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)"
Mar 19, 2017
As an album, "Hard Love" isn't all that special. It lacks focus, and the pacing starts and stops more than rush hour traffic. However, as an artist, Strand of Oaks showcases structural and tempo diversity with an edge not seen in "HEAL"; it's clearly a step forward for the artist, but one that does not make a splash.

Notable Songs: "Hard Love"; "Radio Kids"; "Rest of it"
Mar 19, 2017
A supplemental vignette for fans; an unexceptional five songs for the rest of us.

Notable Song: "The Idea of You"
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