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The Last Dinner Party - Prelude to Ecstasy
The Last Dinner Party from London presents with Prelude To Ecstasy one of the best debut albums of the last years. Both the earlier released singles and the full album are worthwile several listenings. Complex arrangements combined with artful melodies and a professional production result in a sophisticated art pop rock album without abandoning a significant entertaining value. Great job by Georgia Davies, Lizzie Mayland, Abigail Morris, Aurora Nishevci and Emily Roberts ( (and James Ford, ... read more

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James Brown - Hell
James Brown published in 1974 by Polydor his 38th studio album as a double LP, slik and sly funk as usual, maybe becoming a bit heavier, at least in parts (I Can't Stand It "76). Beside some remarkable tracks, in particular to find on side A with "Coldblooded", "My Thang" or "Sayin' It and Doin' It" I like in particular the calmer "Sometime" and "A Man Has to Go Back to the Cross Road Before He Finds Himself". Also remarkable are the albums ... read more
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs
Straight and rough blues rock, sometimes with funky splashes and a overwhelming voice which matches with the music perfectly - that's Robin Trowers Bridge of Sights. Try "Day of the Eagle" or "Too Rolling Stoned" and you know if this album will be pleasant for you or not.
Toots & The Maytals - In the Dark
Crucial album for reggae fanciers. Groovy reggae with some highlights such as the title song "In the Dark", the outstanding "54-46 Was My Number" or the successful cover of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Road" are also appreciate to make familiar with reggae music and one of the best reggae singers Frederick "Toots" Hibbert.
McKinley Dixon - Beloved! Paradise! Jazz​!​?
When I listened to the first three tracks I though there's nothing special. It changed with track four "Run, Run, Run", which drew my attention and made curious about the rest of the album. Sometimes the first impression is false. McKinley Dixon's Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? convinces with sophisticated rap lyrics backed by a subtle jazz instrumentation (brass, strings). Great job.
Post Animal - Levitation Sessions (Live)
Overwhelming live performance, makes curious about the studio albums of the band.


Yo Fantasio! I just made my first review on YouTube! The video is about Jay Z and I would appreciate if you check it out! The video is published at 9:30 EST! Here is link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDIEAWu3X5BCesRym4MLWCA

Thank you.
Hey Fantasio, I'm making a community list called "AOTY's most 𓆑𓅲𓈖𓇌 𓄿𓃭𓃀𓅲𓅓 𓃭𓅓𓆑𓄿𓅱 album/single" and I wanted to ask if you want to partake in my list or not
To explain it, 𓇌𓅱𓅲𓂋𓅂 𓈖𓅱𓏏 𓋴𓅲𓊪𓅱𓋴𓅂𓂧 𓏏𓅱 𓅲𓈖𓂧𓅂𓂋𓋴𓏏𓄿𓈖𓂧 𓏏𓉔𓇋𓋴 𓃀𓇌 𓎼𓅱𓅱𓎼𓃭𓇋𓈖𓎼 𓅲𓊪 𓉔𓇋𓅂𓂋𓅱𓎼𓃭𓇌𓊪𓉔𓋴 𓏏𓂋𓄿𓈖𓋴𓃭𓄿𓏏𓅱𓂋, 𓎼𓅱 𓃀𓄿𓎢𓈎 𓏏𓅱 𓄿𓅱𓏏𓇌 𓄿𓈖𓂧 𓎼𓇋𓆯𓅂 𓅓𓅂 𓇌𓅱𓅲𓂋 𓄿𓃭𓃀𓅲𓅓𓋴 𓅱𓂋 𓋴𓇋𓈖𓎼𓃭𓅂𓋴 𓏏𓅱 𓄿𓂧𓂧 𓇋𓈖 𓅓𓇌 𓄿𓅃𓆑𓅲𓃭 𓃭𓇋𓋴𓏏, 𓃀𓅲𓂧𓂧𓇌. 𓇌𓅂𓆑𓅃𓇌𓆓𓅂𓅃𓇌𓆑𓎢𓎡𓅂 𓅃𓎢𓎡𓆓𓅂𓅃𓇌𓎢𓆑𓈖𓇌𓎡𓅂 𓎢𓎡𓅃𓈖𓎼𓂋𓎢𓅲𓎡𓅃𓅂𓅲𓆑𓎼𓇌𓅃𓆓𓇋𓇌𓅃 𓎡𓅂𓎢𓂋𓅱𓎡𓊪𓊃𓄿𓃭𓅓𓆯 𓃀𓅂𓂋𓇌𓇋𓅃𓂧𓋴𓎼𓅂 𓆑𓈎𓆓𓅃𓉔𓇋 𓅃𓅂𓉔𓆑𓎡𓅃𓉔𓅲𓅃 𓆯𓉔𓅲𓅂𓆑 𓆓𓅂𓎡𓇋𓅃𓆓𓊪𓅃𓅂𓉔𓆑𓅲𓎡𓅱 𓆑𓅂𓅃𓉔 𓅃𓅂𓆑𓉔𓇋𓅲𓅂𓅃𓉔𓇋𓅲 𓅂𓆑𓅃𓉔𓇋𓉔𓅂𓅃𓎡𓇋𓄿𓎡𓇋𓅓 𓅂𓂋𓆯
Thanks in advance!
Hello Fantasio. It would be cool if you would rate my friend's song.

Yo Fantasio, how are you? I've just released a new album, I would really appreciate if you gave it a shot, if not, that's obviously cool too. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/remisreviews/album/814438-two-abandoned-wrecks/#show398886
Hope you have a great day!
Maybe I'll try this method of persuasion too!
After weeks of inactivity and silence, the list is finally done:
Also, here's a complimentary and celebratory review detailing my pick:
Hello Fantasio! I want to politely ask you to look at the list of my top 10 albums of the past year! I would really-really appreciate it, and if you do so, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

The List: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/unrealmikel/list/171555/top-10-albums-of-the-2023/

And also, thank you for supporting me, I really appreciate it! Love reading your reviews
Hello there Fantasio!
Me and my brother recently released an album - in my review I explained the cool story behind how it was made and how it went semi-viral.
It would mean a lot if you could take a look, I promise it's pretty interesting :D


You can also check out my year-end lists that I just finished making, they took some time to make so I hope you enjoy the little notes I included with every album and song!

Best Albums List: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/ikmmm/list/168583/best-albums-2023/
Best Songs List: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/ikmmm/list/169102/best-songs-2023/

sorry for bothering you, that's it, thanks :>
Hello there, Fantasio! Wanna partake in my new community list?
The topic this time will be a bit seasonal: coziest albums/songs! Imagine the perfect music for snuggling in the fluffiest blankie, sipping on some hot choccy milk while admiring the chill snowfall from the window outside.
Thanks in advance!
@Fantasio - Thanks for the follow, bruh! Peace. - @daFigz™

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