Dean Blunt - Black Metal
donda is the best Ye album no cap
Haken - Fauna
Don’t let the distinguished gentleman on the cover fool you, this is big and blaring prog-rock project with some interesting sound design thrown in. While some tracks unfortunately including the intro are mildly uninteresting, the album really picks up and becomes a rush of heavy guitars. The Alphabet Of Me is a key track for this. The weird cuts between the chords and silence gives the instrumental a unique and incredibly enjoyable feel. The deep and extremely messy piano riff on Beneath ... read more
Model/Actriz - AVA
yeah the production isnt anyway comparable to the dogsbody album but its very reminiscent of what the album brings and the ideas were already there, what is really interessant to hear the evolution of the sound "just" with more time and a better production in front of them
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