Helios - Unomia
Jul 5

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Apr 3, 2020
Fathead420 -
The real standouts on this album for me are Folie Imposée and Strawberry Privilege, two of the darkest and moodiest cuts Yves has ever put to tape, the former being my new favourite Yves song ever. There's so much depressive atmosphere in these two songs, it's almost haunting. The singles were all great aside from Kerosene: while it was absolutely delicious in the first half, the second half feels messy and just kind of just a blobby comedown from the first half of the track. Dream ... read more
Oct 8, 2019
Fathead420 -
I saw these guys live back in May and their performance intrigued and excited me. They played intense, loud and throttling post-punk music and their presence on-stage was unmatchable by the other two acts. This made me want to check out their stuff!
This EP is all killer and no filler. Beginning with the track that goes harder than anything else I've heard in 2019, Jealous. The energy of this song is utterly explosive; blaring guitars and pounding drums crashing down on you in the space of ... read more
Oct 8, 2019
Fathead420 -
Parquet Courts have always been on my radar, and with an overwhelmingly positive review from melon, this was a great place to start!
In short, I loved this project. The grooves are infectious, the vocals have loads of presence, the tracks are diverse and the lyrics are clever and introspective. Not to mention the production and added instruments on here are brilliant. The group vocals on tracks like Total Football and Violence are a nice touch too. Some of my favourite moments on this album ... read more
Oct 7, 2019*
Fathead420 -
As someone who is pretty new to hip-hop as a genre, Veteran was a strange place to start, but I'm very glad I gave this album a try. I mainly listened to this in anticipation for the new record, and I can safely say I prefer this one by a mile. On first listens it's hard to keep track of all the beat changes and switch ups on here as one track glitches and transports into the next. Moments on here are downright insane and I'm overall really impressed by how versatile Peggy is on this project in ... read more
Oct 6, 2019
Fathead420 -
Oh Sees have outdone themselves once again! After the slightly mediocre 'Smote Reverser', I was really rooting for the band to get back on track and release something as good as Orc, and what a surprise, they've done it. I'm so invested in this weird and jammy point of the Oh Sees' career. The lengthy tracks on here lock you in and don't let you go, and never get boring for me! The band experiment with some weird drone on Captain Loosely and some fast-paced punk on Heartworm (which is so much ... read more
May 29, 2020
I think it would be important to highlight albums from the past 5-10 years you feel have been truly innovative, either in their general construction (production, instruments usage), vocals, sociopolitical discussion or anything else you can think of.
Would you be kindly be able to reply with 1-3 albums that you think have been truly innovative in particularly recent times?
16 y/o from Cardiff, Wales
I rate things and do lists from time to time
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