Zheani - Satanic Prostitute
Feb 14, 2020
It really doesn’t get any lamer than this. There is no talent involved in making....whatever-the-fuck-this-is. There is no creativity, originality, passion, wit, or anything else appealing about this “music”. Some seem to call it rap or hip-hip, it is neither. It is a very boring return to 90’s teen angst “satanism” a la Marilyn Manson, with none of the things that made the genre interesting to begin with. Expect a lot of irritating, repetitive noises, hokey pseudo-satanic mumbo-jumbo, and a clear lack of anything new to say. This has been done many times already (by much more talented and interesting people) and has not elicited the “shock” reaction it so desperately aims to receive since, well, the 90’s.

Some people will pay attention to this because they want to sleep with the artist, and will lavish her with praise for the same reason, but as a musical act “Zheani” is a complete waste of time and has no real redeeming value of any kind. Do your head a favor and spare it the aching confusion of subjecting it to this noise.
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Feb 16, 2020
When you make an account just to write a single review. I sense very strong Orbiters Remorse. "He "orbits" her (hangs out with in a needy way) in the hopes of getting sex someday.
If the girl is hot, she usually has many orbiters."
Did you give Zheani money on patreon and are now upset she won't fuck you? hahaha
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