The Weeknd - After Hours
Apr 21, 2020 (updated May 21, 2020)
This project was like nothing Abel has done before. At some points, it has a slight reminiscent of his album 'Starboy' yet After Hours still keeps a fresh and new take on Abel's R&B roots. I do believe that this album has some of The Weeknd's most interesting vocal performances and it really shows with tracks like 'Save Your Tears', 'Blinding Lights' and 'Faith'. A lot of the songs on the album seem to stimulate interest due to a few of the songs being similar to 80s songs and it's quirky vocals. This is especially noticeable in tracks 'Blinding Lights' and 'In Your Eyes' just to name a few. But, this doesn't mean that this album is completely 80s influenced. Tracks like 'Heartless' have shown that The Weeknd can even strive in the popular rising Hip-Hop/Rap genre.
As Abel continues to reinvent himself with After Hours, he changes his style and way of music. While I do believe that this is incomparable with his older music from 'Beauty Behind The Madness', which still remains to be my favourite album from him, I do believe he is heading in a great direction.
"Some beauty, mostly madness"
My Opinion On The Tracks:
Alone Again - This track is a great way to introduce this album and the crazy things that will happen in and throughout
Too Late - This feels both like a slow ballad from 'My Dear Melancholy' and a fast paced track like the rest of the album
Hardest To Love - I can tell Abel really liked singing in this key because it seems to appear throughout the whole album
Scared To Live - This feels like he took a beat from 'My Dear Melancholy' and sung over it like a energetic 80s song
Snowchild - This feels like it was going in the direction of Heartless but utterly failed (It feels like filler)
Escape From LA - 'Lofi Hip-hop beats to relax/The Weeknd to'
Heartless - So the first half of the album felt weak but now were getting to the good stuff. On this track The Weeknd strikes fear into all of the rappers basically saying that "I can make hits in your genre too, so watch out"
Faith - The first half of this track is similar to 'Heartless' but then quickly changes into a ballad with choiratic sounds. (Choiratic? Did I just make a word?)
Blinding Lights - OK this song is amazing. It's a synthwave/synthpop hit in 2020, that's saying something. It's wonderful, from the catchy piano post-chorus to the amazing vocal performances on all verses and the hook. Amazing
In Your Eyes - And this song is a perfect follow up to Blinding Lights, it's amazing. It feels even more 80s influenced than Blinding Lights and it's just so perfect. One of the best vocal performances on the album combined with an amazing beat to go along with it.
Save Your Tears - I told you this half of the album was amazing. It's like 'In Your Eyes' but in a slightly lower key. It's got one of the best choruses on the album and it's hook is world class.
Repeat After Me (Interlude) - Filler
After Hours - This song sounds similar to the first few songs mixed in with 'Faith' mixed with 'Heartless' mixed with vocals from 'My Dear Melancholy' this is what I meant by "Some beauty, mostly madness"
Until I Bleed Out - Now with the outro track of the album. It's OK at best. Not the best way to send you off but not the worst

Overall this is one of The Weeknd's most outlandish projects yet and I can't wait to see what he brings out next.
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Jul 8, 2020
Good music
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