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Slipknot - The End, So Far
May 18, 2023
I hope this is the end of Slipknot’s music tbh, this isn’t peak Slipknot it just sounds like the end of their creativity and innovation of doing something different with their sound and I know they’re more than capable of making music that can speak to the soul and move anyone that hears their art, but this is by far their worst album because imo this felt like they didn’t even try to do something impactful or even influential, it wasn’t fun to listen to. The production is good I guess but the compositions and the arrangements of everything else was flat AF and the overall pacing was inconsistent of whether being heavy or experimental like the previous, it wasn’t a focused record and the final product just left me with a bad taste and a bittersweet ending to their discography in general unfortunately.

Now my final thoughts of Slipknot as a whole, they are so inconsistent in general, and that’s a good thing imo because other bands when they have an inconsistent catalogue people can talk and argue all day about the albums that they loved or hated until the end of time and that’s something that I can admire about a band like Slipknot because if an artist or band has a consistent discography I feel like the conversation wouldn’t be as interesting because everybody would agree with the exact same thoughts and arguments about how much they love that artist’s catalogue without acknowledging that many other people wouldn’t like that person’s catalogue. It’s all about what you like at the end of the day, and if you love Slipknot then props to you because you find something valuable on their art that I simply didn’t get, I feel like Slipknot is better at live shows rather than LPs because of the whole gimmick and theatrics that they do and that’s completely fine but the music in general doesn’t click for me and maybe in the future I’d come back for Vol 3 or WANYK because those 2 were my favorites of them. In conclusion, Slipknot’s music to me is very mid but if you have different thoughts about the band let me know because I’m interested in what makes Slipknot such a respected band.

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