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Slipknot - Slipknot
May 10, 2023
Now to the next Slipknot album, their self titled debut from 1999. I’ve actually heard a little bit of the album a long time ago but I didn’t remember anything from it, which was a good call since going completely blindly but with an open mind really helped me enjoy the album a lot more, the first thing I wanna say is that I think this is better than Iowa not only in the track listing but also in the production and compositions, it felt a lot more heavier and more raw than the next album which I really liked a lot throughout the entire album and I think this summaries up Slipknot’s sound which is the nu metal with death metal influences.

As I said the production is great, very dry but so percussive and punchy that really fit with their style and the drums throughout the entire record were kickass, Joey was a really great metal drummer RIP, and the guitars were meaty and aggressive so as the bass, the structuring of the songs themselves were good for the most part but also as in Iowa it felt very derivative and basic, especially in the second half. And that’s the other thing that it bothered me about the album was that the first half is great but the second half felt so mid maybe it’s just me who can’t connect with the music because I wasn’t a fan back in their prime and I feel like there’s a nostalgia factor when it comes to Slipknot’s music to really enjoy it fully. Overall I think the singles are by far better than the rest of the album imo.

Track Ratings
3Eyeless / 100
its a shame, this album has such a strong first half, but the second half really becomes forgetful :(
@Sinjei yep, there are many albums that suffer this phenomenon of strong first half and weak second half, but at least it has a consistent pacing
Really nice review! I agree that the first half is a lot stronger than the second half. I think this album really relies on a few great tracks and leaves the rest to be less memorable.
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