Slipknot - Iowa
May 9, 2023
I can’t believe it took me this long to actually hear a Slipknot album, one of the most popular metal bands in recent memory and highly praised all over the world for their over the top theatrics they do, I always thought they were an interesting band just for their artistry and their creepy presence they always give in their live shows and in the media. I never got into their music because I actually didn’t know who they were until I was more grown up and didn’t really cared all that much about music, and also their musical style was too much for me, until now that I decided to visit their entire discography (only LPs) for the first time to see if they are all show for entertainment or if they are fully artists in the truest sense, so I started with this album because it was the highest rated album on here and also because I heard that this is one of the favorite albums by the fans, and I felt a little dissapointed ngl.

It all just felt very basic to me, basic production and basic metal riffs, the singles are actually great but the rest of the album doesn’t really live up to the greatness of those tracks, the production felt very muffled and compressed which I didn’t like all that much because it doesn’t give me any dynamic for the songs itself, it just feels like riffs salad, and that’s the other thing, the compositions and the structures were very repetitive to the point where most of the songs sound the same making it very difficult to me for identifying which song is which, and I didn’t expect to dislike the album neither but this was the first impression it gave to me at least. But one thing that I will actually give praise is the musicianship, even though everything was basic the musicians are very talented especially Joey Jordison RIP, he was my favorite element in the entire album and also the guitarists. Overall, I think I need to relisten to this later because maybe I missed something, perhaps it will grow on me but until then this was a decent introduction to Slipknot.

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me pasaba lo mismo con este disco cuando lo escuché por primera vez de adolescente, el sonido en general me desagradaba bastante, pero después de mucho tiempo lo volví a escuchar hace poco y ahora me parece por lejos el mejor album de la banda. supongo que es cuestión de escucharlo en el momento correcto jajajaj
@tioib si me gustaria revisitarlo pero me sobresature de Slipknot después de escuchar toda su discografía de corrido xd
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