AOTY 2023
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
Jun 27, 2023
In terms of neo-psychedelia it’s a fantastic album but in my personal opinion and taste, it’s good but not great. The Flaming Lips is a name that I’ve heard a million times but I didn’t knew any song nor album of theirs until suddenly this album popped up in my radar and I decided to check it out, well the first album that I was gonna do was the next one called Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot but I saw that this album was way more acclaimed and more loved than that one, but I might do the next one regardless because I’m very curious on how they’d follow up this album because this has an established sound that doesn’t sound like anything that I’ve heard of in this genre while having the same issues I have with this genre in general.

The very first thing I’ll say is that the production is tremendously amazing, especially the drums omfg it sounds so dirty and punchy I love it, and the rest of the instrumentation is good enough but the drums is what stands out the most on this album imo, the different arrangements for this songs are actually really cool specifically with the orchestral bits in certain songs that really elevated the entire mood in general. But my complaint comes from the same troops of boring compositions and structures, like for me this album has amazing ideas that aren’t fully developed to be something a lot more than the same calm feeling throughout the record, I just prefer music that takes risk in a fun and this album could have but it’s good for what it is. Overall, it’s a great record but not for me.

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